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painful coil?

I have tried everything single tablet and treatment to help me with my heavy and painful periods, the only thing left is to have the mirena coil, i am not keen on this as i have read many posts about the coil being very painful and uncomfortable to insert. I am 18 years old and i haven't had any children so my cervix is smaller than someone who has had children. Next week i am going to my doctors for her to examine me and see if the coil will fit, I don't know what will happen during this examination and as you can imagine i am worried and also quite embarrassed. I was just wondering if anybody has had the coil inserted and could tell me if its as uncomfortable as i have read also i was wondering if anybody has had an examination of their cervix and womb and could tell me what happens as I like to be prepared. Thank you xxx

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Hi AquaDoll

I had mine fitted Thursday (posted just before you) I've had issues since but these are not common (so I'm told) but what I will say... I was distraught having it fitted and anxious, I'm not usually.

The worst part of fitting was the local anaesthetic (which I've had lots of times before just anxieties made it worse this time).

Fitting it was simple and I didn't feel anything. The normal cramps/contractions went by the next day and were no worse than low level period pains (if you have endo pain, it'll be a breeze of a pain!).

I've not had children either, and they do say it's more difficult due to that but if you're numb, it's probably more inconvenient to the person fitting it than you, as once inside, the jobs done.

I hope it works for you, it's simple and you find some relief.

Good luck



Hi I had another (my 3rd) fitted a couple of weeks ago. I don't have any children either. I wont lie it was uncomfortable and a little sore but it only lasts a couple of minutes at most. Take pain killers an hour before you are due to have it inserted. I had the last 1 sprung on me at the hospital and didn't have a chance for pain killers. They gave me an anaesthetic before hand and the nurse spoke to me throughout to try and keep my mind off of what was going on. I find concentrating on my breathing and tapping helped.

The consultant measured my womb with a plastic device again it was uncomfortable and painful but only lasted a minute.

And please don't be embarrassed, the doctors and nurses do this all the time.

Hope it all goes well.



After having my 1st lap/diagnosis on Monday I'm waiting until I feel well again to go speak about having the mirena coil fitted as this is what I've been recommended to have. I to am also worried about the pain of examination and implanting of coil but I guess it can't be that bad as many women in the world must have them.

Let us know how you get on, I'm interested to here so I can prepare myself too :-) I also wanted to talk other hormone contraceptives but wondering if coil might be the best for endometriosis?!


Hi everyone. I had my mirena fitted in November last year. I was advised to take some paracetamol an hour before which I did. The doctor who fitted it was great and the job was done very quickly and there was a nurses there who sat and spoke to me throughout, just for reassurance which was nice. I've had 2 kids and numerous smears and pelvic examinations so I'm used to doctors poking and prodding around downstairs. It's nothing to be scared of as they will have done it so many times. I had slight cramping that night but nothing major and the next day I couldn't feel a thing. I also didn't bleed either although after reading many posts about mirena I bought about 6 packs of sanitary towels expecting major gushes lol. I wish I'd had the mirena fitted years ago as I love it. It has completely stopped my period which is great as that was when I was in most pain with my endo. Other than checking for the strings once a month there's nothing you need to do. I have no side affects whatsoever no weight gain, acne or any of the other side affects that I read about on forums. It works differently on each individual but I definitely would recommend giving it a try Then if it's not for you it can be taken out. Hope this helps x


I am on my second coil, after an initial settling in period in which I was in a little more pain than usual it has been amazing!! It has really kept my endo symptoms at bay, pre coil I couldn't get out of bed when I was on, now I have no periods and much better energy levels. Its worth a shot for sure!!

Don't be embarrassed the doctors do it all the time xx


If it is too painful, tell them to stop. You are entitled to have the procedure done with anaesthetic in the hospital. The GPs and gynecologists do not promote this, because would you believe it they get paid a bonus for every procedure done without anaesthetic- but you are entitled to have it, so don't be shy about asking for that extra help if you find the 1st attempt cannot be completed because of the pain.

Ideally the best time to get one put in is when you hve a general anaesthetic, for a lap op for example. Add the mirena to the list of things to be done in the op.

So if you can't manage it without being knocked out, but you re likely to have an op in the near future, then save the mirena to be done when you have the op. You won't then know anything about it going in, plus the surgeons can use an ultrasound to ensure it is in the correct position.

So please don't panic, all is not lost if the 1st attempt proves too sore without pain relief nd you have to stop. It is fantastic gadget, and the worst part is getting it installed. After that it takes a few months of periods and strange bleeding and odd cramps and twinges before it has done the 1st prt of the job which is to thin the lining of the womb so much it no longer has a period each month. Then you are liberated and what a world of difference it makes.

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I had the coil put in by a junior doc when they cut the cord she accidently pulled it out so had to start again grrr. It wasnt comfortable but it wasn't agony either, I went to waiting room & came over a bit faint but quickly recovered. Having endo sadly gets you used to being examined up there practise relaxation techniques the more relaxed you are the less uncomfortable it will be if you are tense it will not help. I try to imagine im somewhere else take an ipod & absorb yourself in favourite tunes if you can. If you can mentally seperate yourself from the uncomfortable experience you will find it less traumatic it isn't easy I know but the benefits if you can make it worth while. The coil is great for endo.


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