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Low time lately

Low time lately

Just need to say this out loud to people who understand without judging (you ladies!)

Just having a right shitty time

Lately, changed over to cerette which although I'm losing my hair & caused erratic periods (worse

Than endo!) then I've got through to month 3 on it & it has seemed to stop period (either that or it's just building up ready to flood!) as missed a period now.

Headaches, cramps horrendous lately & no sex drive (I really just have to make it up) I'd rather never have sex again.

And I live my husband so much he knows it - but I can't tell him

I really don't feel

Anything before sex then pain mostly during (pleasure pain is close by!) then

Agony afterwards.

Anyway I just feel down, blue, cramps, back front, legs everywhere!

I have horrendous acne due to cerette as it's a double dose!

So bad I've got some

Cream from drs.

Hopefully I won't get asked for ID again at the age of 32-l was quite embarrassed!

Hope you ladies are well, anyone else on cerezette?

How are you finding it?

P.s; I have tried pills, implants, coil, zoledex(f awful drug!), injections; had diagnostic lap after 7yrs of total misery - had a full excisive lap last July 2013; endo clingy to

Everything I lost an ovary too.

Anyway I'm at the lost stage now.....some days pain horrendous I'm chewing cocodomol 30/500 & ibuprofen 800mg.

I think they disturbed the endo not really making it any better by removing quite a lot!

After op in July 13 - two months recovering I would say I had from October to Christmas in a better pain control but from dec 13 it's been just as bad, and now a yr on it's horrid again!

And like I said just lately last month it's getting bad again


P.s; the picture is of some

Flowers to cheer you up. Xxx

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Oh bless you you are not alone. X

I tried cerezette and it turned me into a lunatic I lasted 10 days then thought bollox to that!

Endo not good but could do without turning from Incredible Hulk to emotional wreak several times a day. Xx

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Big hugs. This disease is shit x

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Th am you. Just rough lately got to keep going.

At least I'm

Not flooding as that is really awful!

Back to work today, hope it's a good one not too stressful!


Hi Angel

I wish i had a magic wand to rid all women of this hideous disease!

I have a special poem that I give to people who are in need of some comfort and support and you definitely need it!

When angels sense you need them

And angels always do

They come unseen from everywhere

To help and comfort you

They hover close beside you

Till all your cares are gone

Till they can see you're ready

Once again to carry on

Then some of them fly away

And take their gentle touch

To other hearts that need the love

Of angels very much

But one at least stays with you

As your constant friend and guide

For guardian angels never leave you

They are always by your side!

Print it out and put it where you can get most comfort from it!

Take care and angel hugs and blessings to you xx


I feel your pain and wish there was something I could say to make it better!

I am single so the Sex thing isn't an issue for me but I can't even imagine ever having it again at the moment, must be so difficult with that if you are in a relationship. :(

Sending you big {{{hugs}}} :)

Take Care xxxx


Hi, I totally understand what your going through. I have suspected endometriosis (the horrendous bowel pains at time of my periods and bleeding from my back passage were the final straw that made me see the GP. My sister has endo so I know the symptoms. I also have pain on sex)

Saw consultant and now Ive had coloscopy and mdi, got another consultant appointment in august. We plan to do laproscopy with bowel surgeon present.

I started back on desogesterol (ingredient in cerazette) a couple a months ago. I have all the progesterone side effects like spotty skin,weight gain and no libido. Plus the lack of oestrogen/pill side effects completely drew me in to a depressive state. Thus I've started citalopram to contract the pill side effects. However on the plus side its completely stopped my periods and thus bowel bleeding. Im stuck between a rock and hard place.

I feel completely reliant on the drugs and like 'my body is not my own'. My endo and hormones are definitely in charge!

However i need to stay on the cerazette until i see the consultant in aug. However the alternatives don't seem much better, gnrh analogues, surgery etc.

So big hugs, I totally understand how this makes you feel and how it impacts on your self esteem and your partner. I don't feel sexy, healthy and don't feel Im being fair to my partner however I know that right now its all i can do to hang in there and hope things start to balance out.

Reading others posts is helping me to understand endo which I've kept very secret for some time,

x x


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