Low iron count & endo?

Hello Ladies, I have been feeling very run down and tired since just before Christmas. Lack of energy, bad skin / nails / hair etc.. Finally had blood tests last week, results back today and I have very low iron. Being put on meds for 3 months to help. Hoping it makes me feel better as I was convinced it was my endo bringing me down. They told me it's common with endo, so wondered of any of you also had the same issue? ?

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I had been put on iron tablets before due to the heavy bleeding I was anemic.

I have only recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and I have found taking supplements is making me feel a lot better it's only been a month but I have noticed a huge difference in my hair, skin, eyes and actually the pain I get from endometriosis I feel I'm having a lot more good days.

The supplements I'm currently taking are

Omega 3

Multi vitamin for women

Zinc and selenium

Evening primrose oil




Vitamin B complex


My Dr recently suggested that I add tumeric as this is know as anti inflammatory as is omega 3.

It might be worth trying hun I really have seen a big difference.

Hope this helps

Jo xx

That's lots of suppliments! I have always taken multi vitamins with iron as I am vegetarian but guess they haven't been enough. I only have a period every 3 months as I tricycle the pill as part of my management and my bleeding isn't really that heavy, makes me wonder if it's the lesions instead. Hopefully the meds will help, can't remember the last time I woke up feeling well :( will give some of these a try for sure x

Yeah I know it sounds like a overload a lot of them were in a book that I've recently brought it's called the period repair manual and it is basically treatment of endo a natural the book is by a Naturopath doctor called Laura Briden there is a section on endo and I have found it really helpful. I'm not vegetarian but I don't eat a lot of meat and I only like chicken which is why I lack the things my body's needs.

I would give a try I think the big one to help is Turmeric I have read lots about it recently there are all sorts of benefits and it's meant to be one of the best anti inflammatory things which is obviously what endo is inflammation in your body.

I hope this helps and you start to feel better soon xx

Do you actually take turmeric tablets or just use lots in cooking? Thanks for the advice it is appreciated x

I take them In capsules daily but if I'm cooking curry or something use it in that aswell. Xx

Love curry! Perfect excuse for making more 😊

That's a plus then. I hope it works for you as I really feel like it's helping me. Xx

Hi Adele, thanks for sharing your situation. I have RV endo stage 4, polyps & fibroids and have been diagnosed severe anaemia & iron deficient anaemia on and off for 18 months (I needed a blood transfusion for low haemoglobin once, and have regular iron IM injections as an ongoing treatment for the low iron)

As well as the treatments, I've adjusted my diet to help increase the amount of iron in my food. You could maybe explore this as well as taking the medication you've been prescribed? I was also advised to eat vitamin c rich foods to help retain the iron and advised not to have a caffeinated drink for at least half an hour after eating as this can stop iron absorption from anything you've just eaten. I sometimes eat meat 'medicinally' after my period, though Ive only just started to do this and includes frying up some chicken liver, when I remember. The change in diet has been beneficial, particularly noticeable when Im having a period, I'm not as constipated as I had been during my period, and this has also reduced some pain.

My anaemia was initially thought to be linked to the endo, then my endo specialist nurse thought the polyps were more likely to be the cause of the heavy bleeding, so it may be worth investigating that? According to the endo nurse, the possibility of removing the polyps could reduce the amount of blood loss. This isn't an option for me but it maybe worth asking for a scan to rule it out? I was diagnosed with RV endo in 2006 and the polyps possibly causing heavy bleeding was only mentioned last year.

I do notice the difference between the two anaemic deficiencies and recognise when Im not feeling well, since after treatment I have a bench mark of what 'well' should feel like; so now I book myself in for blood tests when I'm feeling depleted. It may be worth having a conversation with your practitioner to establish that you can do that too if it continues.

Hang in there and hope you start to feel the benefits of treatment very soon

Cheers, VJ

Sorry to be a numpty but what is RV endo? I have been explored from every angle with cameras and never had polyps mentioned, but certainly worth considering thank you

rv is recto-vaginal endo is when its attached to the bowel.

may be worth checking polyps & at the very least would rule it out?

Ah! I have an endometrioma between my rectum and vagina, never heard it refered to in that way before. I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy a couple of months ago and no mention of polyps but I will check with my consultant on next visit. Thanks x

I think they are slightly different? This is the first time Ive been on a forum for this, quite an eye opener with how many different endo types and treatments. Good luck with the iron tablets x

It's so very complicated and different for every single on of us endo warriors! Best of luck with your journey also xx

I had low Ferretin levels before I had hyster and endo ops felt dizzy and tired too but did not have heavy periods? This disease is so bizarre the symptoms are endless x

I had low iron from having a heavy bleeding period. I take blackstrap choclate mollases and no more anemia.

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