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Just a question?

Does anyone else get a certain type of pain when they just know it's gunna be a bad day/night? I get this feeling (pain) in my lower abdomen and I know I'm gunna end up in hospital.. Does anyone else have that? I'm getting that now and iv taken my tramadol and my suppository but I don't know whether to go up the hospital before it gets to the point where I'm struggling and can't move? What do you think? Always get scared when I know the pain is gunna get worse

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Ive got stage 4 endometriosis & I have ended up in hospital 3 times with the pain now & last time they had to send out an ambulance because I was having chest pains too. I'm on morphine & tramadol & they have told me at the hospital never to wait until the pain is so bad that I cant move- just to get there if I think its going to be bad. They usually give you scans & check you for infections when you go in so its better to be safe than sorry. Good luck xxxx


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