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Lap on the waiting list (nervous now...) and got Montelukast (Singulair) for endo

Hi I just went to an operation. Found out my consultant leaving at the end of July which is sad and bit upset as he was the one who found my endo after 3rd diagnose lap. I went to ask to have a lap thinking he will do it and presumed long time waiting. Now I have no official consultant and saw a registrar. However the registrar was really wonderful. He explained to me thoroughly what my inside like. He answered all my questions.

I am on the waiting list for removal of endo and separating adhesion. After over 10 years of pain finally I get a surgical treatment.

I feel a bit nervous even though I got what I want but always think about the risk. As I have some adhesion on my colon it could get a complication. He said it is 2-3 in 1000 but those stats doesn't really helps me as if I get complication I get it which I feel 0 or 100%.

Also I was officially got Montelukast (Singulair) prescription. I have been taking this last 3 and 1/2 weeks and last period I had less period cramps and my saturation was quite stable even though I had breathlessness (I have suspected endo in my chest area). It is not licensed to use for endo in the UK and it is for asthma preventative. It is newly licensed to use endo in Japan. All the research shows good sign for endo and period pain so I decided to have a go. GP couldn't prescribe Singulair but this registrar gave me on condition of that I am happy to use it even though it is not licensed to use for endo. My GP will give me a repeat prescription.

I have tried all sorts of hormone treatment but nothing is either work or good for me to continue. I haven't got any side effect from Singulair so if this suppress my endo and adhesion pain until my lap or beyond I am really happy to continue.

My endo is around stage 2-3 so at the moment with lots of adhesion and I am not with endo specialist center but at the local hospital. Now my consultant is leaving I and the registrar have no idea who is doing my lap. One good thing is I am not on the long waiting list which my consultant always had. My lap could be in a few weeks and I had to postpone as I am going away for thee weeks in two weeks.

Sorry to go on. I should be happy to get what I asked for but I am really nervous (especially my 4th lap)!


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