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Sudden change in period

So my periods have always been very regular (5th of every month without fail). However last month it came on the 2nd (meaning I had a 28 day cycle) and this month it's come on today (30th). Is this anything to be worried about? This happened two years ago for a few months and it got to the point in which I had a period every two weeks but was never investigated. Can anyone tell me what this is?

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no one can tell you why. it is normal for every woman to have some stages of erratic periods. could be hormones, medication, illness, stress, diet, bereavement just about anything can upset the cycle so there's no way for us to guess what's happening in your life. Count yourself extremely lucky to have had a regular cycle, most women do not have that luxury for long. If it stays erratic after sveral months then you could try going on the pill to see if that stabilises the routine again. It may not work, but it's the only option to try. It is not indicative of anything being 'wrong'. please don't stress about it. It is more normal than having a clockwork precise routine.


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