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Post-op: Bladder problems/e-coli infection, cysts returned and i am sick!

Hi everyone, I had my lap around 2 months ago, i had 2 large cysts removed from left ovary (the ones on the right had gone on their own by this point) and a small amount of endo removed. I had trouble passing urine after the op and so was kept in with a catheter, i still couldn't empty bladder properly and was sent home with a catheter for 2 days. When i got it removed i was told my bladder wasn't emptying properly and to keep an eye on it. Since hospital i've had nothing but infection after infection and found out i have an e-coli infection. I've been on 5 different antibiotics and none are clearing it up. I asked for an ultrasound as i'm still in pain and i've just found out i have another 2 large cysts growing on left ovary. Has anyone else had any of the same problems, i know people have said it can take a while for bladder to recover from op but is this normal? nothing is clearing up infection and im not even sure how it could be an e-coli infection! As for the cysts is it normal for them to come back so soon and can anyone recommend where i go next? Im taking the pill 3 months at a time to limit chances of it coming back. Im only 24 and having children is a serious issue for me and i'm worried the doctors will suggest removing an ovary. Thank you for any info/advice!


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Ecoli and Endo are very happy play mates. It is the most common cause of UTI and if you have endo then the right environment is there with luxury apartments waiting to give ecoli master bugs a fab life.

They hide behind a layer of biofilm which is resistant to many antibiotics these days.

It is our own bodies that create the biofilm layer. So we are our own worst enemies.

These master bugs are sheltered, when you take antibiotics all the children bugs will be killed off giving your some relief from the UTI for a few days, and you think phew all gone!! BUT hidden behind the biofilm are the master bugs protected from destruction. They wait till the coast is clear of antibiotics and out they come replicating like crazy - repopulating the bladder with children bugs again till it gets to the point of causing symptoms that you notice.

Over the years out bodies have built up the annoying ability to protect bugs with biofilm and having endo actually means we are much much more likely to be hosting ecoli bugs.

Weall have some strains of ecoli in the gut there are good and bad strains of ecoli.

Some we need for normal digestion of foods. So it's not all about destroying ecoli for good.

The big Pharmaceuticals across the globe are all aware of the real problem of these biofilms resistant to many antibiotics and are working to find new methods of breaking down that biofilm layer of protection. Once destroyed and no longr protecting the master bugs, they will die when attacked by antibiotics.

I had 17 months of bladder probs after my catheter and laparotomy, and have had a few UTIs since then too, all Ecoli. After 17 months my bladder started working for itself once again, out of the blue, i literally woke one morning and felt different down below, was managing to hold on and control having my 1st wee I decided not to take my several pills a day and see how I got on. By that stage I didn't dare hope for a miracle but it was one and I haven't needed the pills ever since so allow me to pee.

My current UTI is proving a bugger to get rid of, been a dreadful couple of weeks and currently on my 3rd lot of antibiotics trying to blast away the most recent UTI.

Nitrofurantoin - not one I've had before, fingers crossed though. Which reminds me - next tablet is due.

Sadly with repeat UTIs there is no other option but to continue blasting the with antibiotics hoping eventually to get those master cells killed off. It's becoming an ever more serious complication as so many of us are increasing resistant to antibiotics. This s not the bugs changing - but our bodies hosting the bugs and protecting them that is the problem.

As for the cysts, yes sadly having one or more removed

in surgery doesn't prevent recurrance of new cysts and once you have had one you are more likely to have another than to not have any others ever again.

It only takes one menstrual cycle for a cysts to start to grow. so they can reappear very quickly indeed. That doesn't mean they are there to stay.

Most cysts will come and will go again of their own accord. They only need to be considered for removal when they become a painful ongoing nuisance, or grow above 3.5 cm or leak. Some will occasionally burst (SUPER OUCH TIME) and those may vanish or refill up again.

Once cysts are identified the 1st thing to be done is nothing at all. See if they go away as most cysts do. And if after a few months the problems are still there, or have got increasingly worse, then have a follow up scan to monitor their size and contents and see if they are candidates for surgical removal once again. Hopefully not necessary. some do grow to quite a size without actually causing much if any symptoms of discomfort, others can be small and right pesky painful botheration all the time.

I've got my 5th one which is a long term one and doesn't give me much grief on a day to day basis. some days are a problem pain wise other are much easier and do not require any pain relief.

It has certainly been more painful while I have been fighting this UTI, infact everything is cramping and sore (partly I suspect the antibiotics are the fault there - but needs must and I'd rather get shot of the UTI regardless of how ill the tablets make me feel.

Very best of luck with the antibiotics. It's horrid having a painful UTI and only piddling a drop or two due to inflammation. I'm going through the same thing as you right now.

Loads of cyber sympathy heading your way.

As if the UTI isn't bad enough, the side effects of the antibiotics are taking their toll too. Nausea all the time, cramping, upset tummy, etc etc Just feel very rotten and will be a very happy bunny to get shot of this infection.

Absolutely dreading the next one. Not sure what if any other drug options I have left available to me.

And prior to catheter and endo surgery I had only had 1 UTI in my whole life up till then. Since the op etc which was 3 years ago now, I have had a number or attacks.

There must be a link to catheter use in my opinion. Perhaps it stretches the urethra and allows more bugs to have easy access - I don't know what the issue is, only it is an issue and one I certainly am not a fan of.


wow thank you for all that info. im exactly the same. ive never had a UTI before the lap/catheter use and now ive got them none stop with doctors refusing to say they are being caused by the lap. I guess as you say its a waiting game and to keep trying with antibiotics. im going to suggest to docs that we do nothing with cysts at the moment. my last ones were 8cm and these new ones only seem to be around 4cm each. ill monitor them in a couple of month and go from there. the only reason i worry so much is litrally because of wanting children. thank you very much and good luck!


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