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The coil.. advice please!

Hi everyone.

My endo pain has only got worse since my operation in August 2015. The hospital explained that they can carry out another operation but because I am only 23 years old it is not good for someone so young to have surgeries so close together.

I have tried several birth control pills and none of them have helped, I just can't get on with them. I have suffered with an eating disorder on and off for years so I do have a massive fear of gaining weight from contraception. I have only ever heard bad things, especially weight gain, about the implant and injection so the only option left for me is the coil.

I have a friend who gets on really well with it, she said she hardly ever has periods, hasn't gained any weight and her hormones are fine (no mood swings etc).

I have heard that it is supposed to be one of the best things for endo and the pain, and at the moment that is exactly what I need as the pain increases every day and my periods are getting worse every month.

But I have had a search on here about the coil and there are very mixed reviews. Has anyone got any advice on what I should do? I know I should probably give it a go to see if it works but I am quite scared about it!

Thanks :)

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Hi lovely, the coil works for some and not others. I had it to treat endo and it stopped the heavy bleading for a while, then wam ban I had massive side effects from it. Had to have it taken it 😪 So now I'm stuck because I can't have the pill or the other contraceptives. I've got to give myself a couple of months for my body to settle down again.

You could always try the coil and see how you get on with it. Took a year for mine to settle down. Then if it's not for you get it taken out. My sister has it and she's not had any problems with hers.

Take care xxx

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I sympathise with you - I'm only 21.. had my first op at 19, my second op June last year & my 3rd was 4 weeks ago today!! I didn't really like the Pills either - I had mega headaches with them & as a result had a fear of trying any more!

Like you, I was offered the Coil after my first op & refused it because of there being SO many negative reviews about it, so was on nothing to help my endo & within 9 months I was back to square 1 :-( Considering that, after my 2nd op I decided I should give it a go - the release of hormones with the Coil is considerably lower than most of the pills which is why often it has less side effects than those! :-)

They whipped it out in-between after my 2nd op because they thought it was causing my continual bleeding (which it wasn't!), but I had another 1 fitted 4 weeks ago.... I haven't had a single problem with it so far & most definitely haven't gained any weight (have a bit of a complex about myself in that regard :-s), in fact since my op I've lost 4lb & I haven't been eating anything much different to before!

But the best part is I have actually stopped my continual bleeding - hurrah! My 1st Period since the op was last week... Whilst I did still have some cramps, I've had hardly any bleeding so that's a plus!

They do say it can take 6 months to completely settle down & we are of course all different :-)

Sorry for the long reply, but thought something actually positive about the Coil might be encouraging! ;-) xx


Ahhh thank you, it is good to hear something positive yes! I guess it is probably for the best to give it a go and see how my body re-acts to it.

Does anyone else suffer with bleeding after sex? I haven't had it at all but recently I have and it is getting heavier each time and it is a little concerning. Could this mean that my endo has grown back and got worse?

It is so difficult to know as obviously only surgery can determine whether the endo has grown back!

Thanks for the replies :) xx


Absolutely... if you really don't like it or think it aggravates things they can always take it out :-) I'm sure having a positive mind-set about it helps as well... I was so down & negative after my 2nd Op, which I'm sure makes everything worse (I know it does, as every time I get stressed or have done too much I start bleeding!)! Easier said than done to keep calm and stress-free when your hormones are all over the place though :-/

Can't help on that part of the bleeding, but if it's getting worse you should definitely speak to your Gynae (if you have one currently) or GP to investigate it!

It is so hard to know what to do - I keep having a really annoying pain, but for all I know maybe it isn't anything to do with my Endo, so don't want to go running back & keep being prodded & poked!!?! Grrr!

Keep strong! xx

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It is so frustrating. I am in the middle of changing doctors as I have recently moved house which doesn't help things! I managed to get an appointment at the hospital to get the coil fitted for February 23rd, a couple weeks after I get back from New York, so I think if the bleeding continues I will bring it up at the hospital!

I just hope my pain gets better for my holiday, New York is my dream and I want nothing to ruin it!! xx


Hi Megvarn,

I'm in a rush now, but if you check on my name and read past responses, I've replied several times about how much the 'mirena coil' helped me. I think it has to be the mirena as that only has progesterone to counter the oestrogen. Also my situ id different as I'm much older and my endo was only mild, but the mirena was brilliant for me!

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