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dippster88 wrote Menopause jab

Started the jab to induce menopause yesterday after being told my endo is the worst my specialists seen what are peoples experience with this x

I had my jab 2 1/2 months ago and i thought i was absolutely fantastic, with 48 hours all my pain was gone, i haven't had a bleed since and the general discomfort at the monthly time has just disappeared. I really cant wait to go back to gynea in july for check up and to get details of my pending hysterectomy :D

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Hi I am nearly 50 and was diagnosed with stage four endo after lap in February. I have had 3 zoladex injections, which have taken the pain away, I am also on hrt which has stopped hot flushes etc. my consultant wants to do another lap in November to see if zoladex has worked. His plan is for me to have a hysterectomy. So I will be interested to see what your consultant has to say about your hysterectomy. Because of my age I am reluctant to have the op as surely cannot be far off menopause, and there will be risks because the endo is wrapped round bowel and bladder. At the moment relatively pain free so if I can keep like this for couple of years no need to have op, as I am worried about damage to bowel or bladder. Good luck with your appt in July.


Hi I had a Hysterectomy 7 years ago (then 41) after severe endo on bowels, bladder and pelvis.

Bad news is I have now been prescribed Microgynon, the mini pill (didn't want the injection) as it has come back and causing me different systems that have become debilitating. I have also been told that the endo may disappear in menopause but this is not always the case. I will have to say this is the strangest disease and I had hoped after major surgery I would not have needed more treatment.

I hope you both get sorted but please be aware there is still not enough knowledge on this condition.


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