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Medical induced menopause

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Hi I’m new 🙂

I saw a gynae consultant on Sunday, she highly suspects from my symptoms I have endo. Plus I had an ectopic about ten years ago and when they removed my tube and ovary it was covered in scarring. She doesn't want to do a laparoscopy to confirm as she said it will only cause more scar tissue.

She has suggested medical induced menopause for six months, with breaks for three months, then repeat. If successful this to be carried on until I go into natural menopause (I'm 41). Also to start HRT on the second round. So I imagine the first six months will be pretty rough.

I'm happy to try this to help with my seriously heavy painful periods and severe pmt.

I'm really just seeking anyone who has had a positive experience with this route? As I am highly anxious about it but I am going to go for it.

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I am 46 and bottles out of the induced menopause as I feared it would give me a different set of problems to deal with so I struggle on. Also told can’t do any more surgeries so not much left to do apart from wait for natural menopause which I have been told could be sooner due to having a hysterectomy with ovaries left in. Not much fun when the pain is unbearable monthly. Some women have had positive results with the injections but I am a scary cat I’m afraid! Xx

Thanks for your reply. I am worried about a different set of problems too I am very anxious about it. That is why I was looking for some positive stories to maybe reassure me a bit. I’m currently in agony with my period and my stomach I look about six months pregnant 🤰😔 so I feel like it’s time to try to deal with it now. Xx

Hi I didn’t get on very well with medical menapause,I swapped painful heavy periods for hot flushes,vaginal dryness ,bacterial vaginosis due to hormone changes,brain fog,aching all over ,sleepless nites ,however every 1 different so good luck if this is what u choose x

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Hi, I had a full hysterectomy and ovaries out that sent me straight into menopause, leaving ovaries in place you will have earlier menopause but gynecology said it can take years with leaving ovaries in , mine had to be removed due to the endometriosis . Hope everything goes well for you, I was well looked after when in hospital , it was a few years ago. ❤

i had this after my laparoscopy as still having symptoms, apart from the headaches and menopausal symptoms it was good , however after the time i had it 6 months, they stopped giving it to me due to uk only having licence rights for this amount of time, so my symptoms then returned , as they hoped the Marina would have taken effect by then but that was a bad move also for myself, i am now back on the combi pill no breaks, remember everyone is different, good luck to you x

That’s good to hear, my consultant is talking about me doing rounds of it for a few years if it helps so a bit worried about the long term effects on my bones etc xx

Hi I have had injections for almost 5 months now and although my treatment is slightly different in that I am waiting foe a hysterectomy rather than natural menopause (I am 33), so far I have had a positive reaction to it... No pain, no bleeding. I have had HRT this month to help with the hot flushes but they weren't unbareable. Hope that helps 😊

That is really good to know! I feel like I’m between I’m between a rock and a hard place but hoping the side effects will not be too bad 🙂

Everyone is different of course but I am really glad I started them. It is a pain having to go to the gp every month but at least day to day life has some normality now. Good luck x

Thank you so much 😊 x

I have been on menopause since last September and very happy. I have my life back and will continue until natural menopause. See how it works for you. First months rough but then fine. 🍀

Thank you 😊 may I ask how old you are? X


Hallo I’ve been on Zoladex for 7 years and counting, with Tibolone, I’m 45. My priority was to get rid of my extremely painful and heavy periods, and stop repeat endometrioma from growing.

I have my injection once every 3 months (although a monthly injection is also available) and it’s my GP that does it because I have a local anaesthetic with adrenaline injection first, to numb the area.

I had some tingly hands for a few months and get hot flushes every so often - no other symptoms, and I’m period-free. I have annual dexa-scans to check my bone density. I hope this is reassuring.

Hi yes that is reassuring I was worried about long term issues. Have your bone scans been ok? Do you take HRT also?

I’m not sure how I will be receiving the meds, I’m waiting to hear from my GP to get booked in. Xx

Yes, the Tibolone acts like HRT and so far my scans are ok.

These tend to be injections, and I would ask to try a monthly one first in case you don’t get on with it. And the local anaesthetic isn’t standard, my GP does it especially for me. Xx

Sounds like you have a good GP! My consultant wants to delay HRT for the first three to six months but I’m not sure why. I was a bit stressed at my appointment. I will be asking for the monthly injections xx

I guess it’s because HRT normally contains oestrogen which might interfere with the injection.

Tibolone is a synthetic substitute and I’ve just read here that it’s only recommended for women who’ve not had their period for a year: (in my case I had been on Zoladex for several months before being offered it).

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Moonglo in reply to Moonglo

Oh, and my GP of 20 years has been brilliant. I’m dreading the day she retires!

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Moonglo in reply to Moonglo

And just to be clear, the injections are for the Zoladex, the Tibolone comes in a pill form, like the mini pill.

Thank you for all your help! It’s difficult to get your head around when you are thrown all this information in an appointment 🤯

You’re welcome. I know what you mean, it’s a lot to deal with, and quite often the questions come later. Hope it works out for you.

I’ve received my prescription and it is for Prostap, does anyone have any experience of this? I’m due to have it in two weeks time. It says in the leaflet not to have if you have depression, which I’ve suffered with on and off my whole life. I’m thinking it may be hormone related as it tends to come in cycles with my period. I’m so worried. I’m frightened my mental health will get even worse and I’m not sure I can cope with that. Or it may cure it! The gynae said to know if my low mood is definitely pmt, going through induced menopause will give you an answer to this. As if mood remains low it is a MH issue and not hormone related, I’m 98% sure it is. I’m so confused!

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