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Finally got date for lap!

So pleased, after a long wait and having to ring the hospital to chase up again I now have my diagnostic lap on 7th July. I'm so relieved to finally have a date set, now to start planning! I will be scouring the site for all the useful tips, but please feel free to add any more here! Is there much difference in recovery time etc for a diagnostic vs regular lap? I imagine it will be less, but there will still be a fair bit of disruption inside from it? As it's on a Monday I've told work I'll probably be off for the rest of that week, does that sound right?

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Really happy you finally have a date for your lap... its not too long now!! I had mine down nearly 2 weeks ago, and I'm so glad i only just started back at work today!! I thought i was fine and so i would start doing things like cooking and washing, and i was just exhausted and in pain. I would say definitely take the rest of the week off. Also be careful when you go home in the car - you'll need a pillow to put under the seat belt as it will be sore. Just remember all your little bits like a magazine to read (you have to wait a fairly long time), a heat pad or something for afterwards as the gas can be quite painful. Something loose fitting helps aswel, i just wore an old dress without any tights or leggings and that felt fine for my stomach. Also the first time you have a shower its a good idea to have someone with you - boyfriend/husband... if you don't have anyone like that then have someone waiting outside whilst you just have a quick wash, as a lot of people say they feel faint/collapse whilst they take their first shower - luckily i was alright.

I guess the most important thing is don't rush yourself!! Like i said... i thought i was fine after a day or two, but soon realised that i was a bit more banged up than i first thought.

Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions :)

Emma Xx

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Thanks for the tips, that's really helpful. My mum is taking & collecting me from the hospital and am sure she'll happily drop in whilst I'm off whilst my boyfriend's at work, and I'm sure he'll be helpful around the house in the evenings (better be anyway, lol!) . I was thinking of prepping a load of food the weekend before & freezing it, then can just warm stuff up & save effort - I'm sure I'll be feeling delicate and lots of soup will be fine! I'm just part way through the 2nd Game of Thrones book and so am actually looking forward to having lots of time to read, and then start the box set - must look on the bright side of being laid up :)


Remember to take your dressing gown! I sat in the waiting room for an hour covering my bare bum with a second (backwards) hospital gown because I forgot mine!

Also if you have steep stairs you may want to consider sleeping downstairs for the first evening / afternoon as I couldn't quite compute how to lift my feet high enough to get over mine when I came out!

Finally if the doctor tries to tell you the results just as you have come around from the anaesthetic like I did try to request he comes back a little later or get a friendly nurse to reread them to you. I can only remember hazy explanations thanks to my Dr doing this to me!

Be nice to yourself and get two weeks off. It really did take me that long to feel right again and you will heal better if you're not rushing about or stressing over things.


Thank you :) Dressing gown is a must then, don't want to be flashing anyone!! Stairs a pretty steep actually, got a nice big sofa thankfully but the bathroom is upstairs, I guess I'll just have to take a flask up and hide out up there for a while!

I've told work it'll be at least a week, then can see how I feel. If they recommend more than a week at the hospital, will they provide a sick note for work, or is it a trip to the doctors?



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