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I finally have a date for my lap but now I can't go though with it!?


It sounds crazy I know. I'm terrified of hospitals and operations as it is. But now on the information I have recieved it's says that nobody can be there with me, before or after the op. I can't do it! In march when I had my last op my partner was with me constantly, only time he left was to go home at night but he was back at 8 in the morning. But now I can't have anybody.

I'm so scared and don't know what to do, I really feel like I can't go though with it.

I know I must sound so crazy and so soft.



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You don't sound crazy at all! It's perfectly understandable. Have you explained to them how nervous you are? There might be away they could make an exception, if they have a single room or something? Might be worth asking! Good luck, really hope it works out for you xxx

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No I wasn't sure id be able to do anything, as that's the way it is and have to deal with it. Maybe I should try give them a call. I just don't feel I have much "luck" so I just thought well that's that then.

I want to feel better I really do but the anxiety is stopping me.

Thank you xx

You're not crazy or soft. I'm sitting here now worrying about my op in a few weeks time. Surgery is scary and stressful but we'll get through it. Us endo ladies are tough! Try not to worry too much- it will all be ok in the end I'm sure. X

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I suppose it's what we all do when it's such a big thing and we have suffered for so long. I hope your op goes ok. I'm sure we will be ok. Is it the same with your hospital?

Thank you cx

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I'm going private so I expect my husband will be around, although I doubt I will be scintillating company!

Ask your GP if you can be given something to take to calm your nerves before you have to go in (like a few days before) and before the operation.

I understand how you feel, I felt the same. But honestly it was absolutely fine. The nurses and doctors were wonderful. If you explain how you are feeling I'm sure something could be done for you. The woman across from me had her husband with her until she went for her op. It was the thought of having to go through it on my own that was actually worse than doing it.

I completely understand how you feel, last year I had suspected appendicitis, (turns out its endometriosis) my parents don't live over here, and I was completely alone during my whole week in hospital apart from visiting hours when friends would come and see me.

I am absolutely terrified of needles, it took 5 doctors to get a cannula in my arm, when you go for your operation the nurses will be with you, mine even came with me in the sudation room why they put me to sleep and held my hand. honestly you have to ask yourself, how long can you go on in the pain and feel like poo for.

You've got nothing to loose by asking Hun! Xxx

Your not crazy pet....I am the exact same and suffer with extreme severe anxiety disorder and have to have someone there with me just like you....my doctor wrote a letter for me to bring to my appt with gynae doc to explain my anxieties....best thing I ever did, it broke the ice and he asked me how I felt and he let the ward sisters know my situation and told them they were to look after me and that my husband was welcome 24/7 if need be.....anythings worth a try pet and its important for you to have your laparoscopy, I'm sure they will defo make an exception....Best of luck x

Hi there

I am so glad you posted this as I am also meant to be having lap number 5! and just cant face it either. I have anxiety and in stressful situations its awful as I make my bp and pulse go high just through panic. I keep making excuses to myself that I dont need another lap etc but scared if I do and scared if I dont. I hate endo!!! Aaaarrrgghh. Know just how you feel. Sometimes surgery is the best option for getting rid of it. I am sure all will be well for you and hope they allow your partner to stay with you as long as poss. Sending you a big hug xx

You don't sound crazy at all! I wasn't allowed anyone in with me either and went in on my own, the nurses were so lovely and I didn't have a long wait so I felt okay without anyone.

But, if you are going to feel far more comfortable with someone there, definitely ask. A lady on my ward was very nervous and wanted her boyfriend to come in with her and so one of the nurses took them aside to have a chat and then let her boyfriend in. There was also a woman who had pre-arranged for her son to come in with her.

I think they try to avoid having too many people on the ward getting in the way and also to allow the privacy of the patients so make it a general rule but allow exceptions for those who really need someone with them. Try calling in advance to arrange it, I'm sure they will be understanding.

If you have been able to get this far, you can go through with this. Just think how quickly it will be over with and in a few months time it will be distant memory.

Thank you all for your replies and support.

Hope this doesn't sound bad but feeling better with people being understanding and going through the same thing. Not that I'd like to wish this on anyone.

I hate endo, at the min feels like it's ruining my life, just hoping I can get through the op and fingers cross it will improve my life at least for a little bit!

I am due to go to docs today, I'm going to take to her and see what they say.

Just hoping some can be there.

I know some nurses can be really lovely, but just recently I was admitted to hospital due to the pain and the nurses were awful, think that has just made me more scared. Haha.

Hope everyone else is feeling ok, and I am sure we can all get through it. We have to !

Thank you cxx

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