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Most experienced laparoscopy surgeon?

Hello ladies I am going to need to have a laparoscopy test and possibly laparoscopy surgery. Could you please recommend specialists that in ur own experience were good in diagnosing, doing laparoscopy and treating endometriosis. Ideally specialists through nhs in London would be great but can also be private . Praying to get better. Many thanks :)

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Mr Trehan on Harley street and Spire Elland. The man is a genius! The closest thing to a cure!


Many thanks for ur response :)


My daughter has an appointment for surgery next week with him. I am so scared about whether we are making the right decision but the NHS think it will be much more major surgery and as she has large cysts on both ovaries, cannot be sure they can save anything/eveything. She is type 1 diabetic so her fertility chances are fewer anyway. I dont want to tempt fate by going private rather than NHS as I dont personally agree with it but I believe Trehan is a miracle man.


Hi check the BSGE website for a list of all the endo accredited centres bsge.org.uk There are many in London I think. You can choose which centre you wish to be referred to on NHS but not the specific surgeon apparently. Good luck .


Thanks so much gona check it now x


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