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London Endo Surgeon reccomendations

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Hi all, I have suspected endometriosis affecting my bowel and my gynaecologist would like to refer me for a laparoscopy. I have done quite a bit of research and I understand that it can sometimes be missed even in a laparoscopy... and so I wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations for endo teams in London that are good? Thank you

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Hi, Homerton hospital have been fantastic with me, had my first lap in August recovered in 2 weeks and stitches were done up neatly and almost disappearing with no scars.

Dr Barnick and his team conducted my surgery. You can also go on the bsge centre website for endometriosis and pop your post code and see which ones nearer to you and look up the hospitals on there, such as do they have the bowel team with them on the operating table. pelvis pain clinic, fertility clinic if they are also under one hospital that's good coz you know they will have your records under one hospital and also the same surgeons will deal with your case in the other clinics within that hospitals.

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Hazza11 in reply to BrightLights88

Thank you that’s great advice and I will definitely look on the website too!

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After four surgeries with three different surgeons, I found Elizabeth Ball (Princess Grace Hospital) to be my favourite. She really listened to me as a patient and was very diligent in pre-surgery tests to ensure she had the best plan of action. Recovery time and scarring was also minimal compared to the others. I would 10/10 recommend her.

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It’s been based on many many months of all other bowel tests being ruled out, plus the cyclical nature of my bowel pain coinciding exactly with my cycle :,(

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Dr. Richardson and his team in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital are great.

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