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Umbilical endometriosis surgery scheduled for August 7th

I saw my surgeon on friday and I am excited to have finally scheduled my surgery for my umbilical endometriosis! This pain is horrendous and im at my wits end whenever I feel it. It lasts about 2 weeks sometimes shorter by a day or two or sometimes longer. It's been bleeding everytime as well. My only worry or concern at this point is whether or not I should get the lap for my pelvis. I had an appendectomy and illeocectomy in march where the found endo gluing my appendix and intestines together. At that point is when they saw endo on my right ovary, my right diaphragm and a biopsy determined my umbilical endometriosis.

My surgeon is not a gynecologist and said he does not feel comfortable doing a lap but is all for excising the endo in my bellybutton. I really like him but now do I find a gyno to do a lap as well? Or not. I'm currently using the mirena IUD, which keeps my cramps at ease. If I have cramps it's just one day and not very bad.

My plan is to do the endo diet and take recommended supplements from my current gynecologist who does specialize in treating endometriosis naturally. She does not do surgery, though. I'm going to call her tomorrow to discuss this some more. In the meantime, I'm feeling like im headed in the right direction. 3 more cycles before my surgery!

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Yes you should find a gyn that can do your surgery. When I was first diagnosed mine said she would do it but she would feel better if I went to a endo specialist. It will give you peace of mind knowing that the person doing your surgery knows what they are doing. Hope this helps


Thank you brimcd! I've been doing my and I think I've come to a decision.


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