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Has anyone on Cerazette suddenly stopped having periods (I'm seven months into taking it)

I've been on Cerazette since Dec 2013 and since then I would have a pattern of bleeding/spotting for about 3 weeks, with 2 weeks break in between each bleed (sorry if that's TMI). However this time, it's been 52 days since my last period started, which is a much longer break than normal. I did a pregnancy test and that's negative so unless I tested too early I doubt very much pregnancy is the issue. Has this happened to anyone else, that the periods have just stopped, after having fairly constant spotting/bleeding for several months?

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Hi ca176, i was on cerazette for a couple of years. I am now on Desomono (apparently the same but different brand) i didn't have a period for 9 months then spotting etc. Cerazette can cause random spotting to having nothing. Don't worry about it too much i think its supposed to stop you from having a bleed but everyone's body reacts differently to it.


I started cerazette in 2011 and had one normal period a month into taking it and after that my periods stopped completely. I have light breakthrough bleeding maybe twice a year but other than that, nothing else. It's perfectly normal for this to happen and I would say that all that spotting you were having was your body adjusting to cerazette. I doubt you'll get anymore spotting/bleeding for a while now x


Hi both,

Thanks for replying - it's good to know my body isn't going crazy! I guess I was just concerned because I thought if I was going to get no periods with Cerazette then it would have been in the first couple of months, like you emaweegirl, and not after 7 packets of the pill (and hellish periods too). x


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