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1st fertility consultation post-Lap next week. Am worried about what they will suggest. Advice please!

Like most people here I have suffered with awful periods for years. Im 34 now. After TTC for a year with no joy I was finally diagnosed with endo and choc cysts after blood tests showed no ovulation and I had a successful lap in April to remove it all although there was some old scar tissue in my right fallopian tube. I now have my follow up appmt with the Consultant to discuss my fertility (or poss lack of) and was just wondering if anyone has any advice or has been through something similar? We were advised not to try for a baby until after this appmt. I'm not sure if I'm ovulating or not so I dont know what the next step will be. My GP said they will prob try and put me back on the Pill for 6 months but I don't feel this is ideal given my age! I am so worried that I will either be fobbed off by my consultant or not given appropriate treatment so would really appreciate hearing other people's experiences please. Xx

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Hi Clarence80, I'm in the same boat as you but a bit older. Just had my second op and it's starting to stick things together apparently.

I think my dr is going to say that we need to try as soon as I am healed. My issue is that I am in two minds about pregnancy. Sometimes I think that I couldn't cope if I was in pain, sometimes I think it would be good for me. I think this disease has made me more selfish and I'm aware that if it gets worse I may feel its hard to cope. My partner is brilliant though, lovely, thoughtful and supportive so I think he would help. I'm no longer scared of a c section after having two ops.

Your dr will surely get you to track your cycle. I've read lots about this and it seems as I am sure you know that post op is a time when you are more likely to conceive.

Good luck, hope you get good advice and conceive quickly. X


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