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Sorry ladies I need a rant :)

I have my first lap in a month. The general pain hasn't been too bad until now, my worst symptom is pain during sex. Today the pain is awful. The doc asked me if I needed painkillers last week and I said no because I don't get bad pain! Now I am stuck with paracetamol. Feeling sorry for myself. I know I should be grateful that I don't normally suffer like most of you do, but it hurts! Can anyone recommend anything else?x

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Hi magnetta,

Im sorry to hear you're suffering with pain after your laproscopy but it may just be the side effects or the healing process of the actual lap that's causing the pain.

You mentioned you feel the most pain during sex it may be helpful for you to possibly try different positions or even try using some Lubrication in & around your intimate area just before sex.



You could get some cocodamol from the chemist to try. That's a step up from purely paracetamol. Or you can add ibuprofen to the paracetamol as both are OTC and different types of painkiller so can be taken together (take the ibuprofen with or after food/main meal). Or you can add ibuprofen to cocodamol. Cocodamol can be addictive so is not advisable to take for more than 3 in a row. I save it to use around my period for bowel and bladder pain and only use it occasionally outside that for unbearable pain. Otherwise I'm currently using naproxen daily for my back and frontal lower pelvic pain while waiting for my lap date.

If you go back to the doctors you could try mefenamic acid or naproxen. I know some ladies are using other painkillers like tramadol. I started on ibuprofen/paracetamol, then moved onto ibuprofen/cocodamol, then moved onto mefenanic acid/cocodamol and now I'm on the naproxen/cocodamol regime along with tranexamic acid for heavy bleeding. You have to find what works for you and in my case I'm kinda shifting around as the pain seems to have gotten a lot worse over the past couple of years and my body seemed to get used to mefenamic acid!


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