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Advice Please feel so alone

Been off work now since beginning of October. Had been struggling through work then ended up at A&E four times in a month had to take unpaid days off work until my gp signed me off in October. It took 8 weeks just to get to see consultant who put me on Zoladex for suspected endo or other Gynae problems to see if it will work. The hospital or doctors lost the letter but finally after 2 and a bit weeks i got my first injection. It's been 2 weeks that i had injection and it hasn't helped, i also had a period that has just finished today, it's been a horrid week pain wise and lack of sleep and also mentally. Money is very tight and we are also considering selling up. Got doctors tomorrow to get another sick note and i am hoping after my next injection things will improve enough to go back. It's obvious by now that until they go and have a look whats going on inside me that i wont be able to get a diagnosis and something done to get rid of pain and even then i know this is going to be a long term problem. Can i ask my doctor for a note to say to work that i am not fully fit for work but could possibly return with certain changes? Any advice would be grateful x

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Hi fatefulserendipity,

So sorry to hear of your experience and your pain. Apart from our circumstances being VERY similar, (I won't go into them now), I have also experienced the quandry of returning to work with some changes of hours, duties etc.

I discussed this with my doctor and, Sick Certificates now consist of a two part option for the Doctor to complete.

1. You are not fit for work.

2. You maybe fit for work taking account of the following advice:

If available, and with your employers agreement, you may benefit from:

a phased return to work amended duties

altered hours workplace adaptations

Hope this helps, go see your doctor and discuss with him. xxx


a phased return to work

amended duties

altered hours

workplace adaptations


Hi feel your pain, I was diagnosed at 24 have had 3 laps with complications. I've had prostap for 3-6 mths with horrendous side effects, everyone is different so this injection may work for you. What I would say is try to keep with the injections they take time to fully work. Im in the same situation currently off work sick, have 4 weeks full pay then half pay. My husband looks after the children and is trying to get work but he has been out of work for 4 years so I could complete my training. Struggling with money and worried sick. My gyne appointment is not untill Feb and that's when my half pay finishes. Tried all sorts to get a quicker appointment but no success. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone and endo is soul destroying

. Im waiting for pain referral appointment, im also going to see if I could go back to work with certain changes, I know this can be done but not sure how it works. Unsure if this happens then I may only get sick pay with having certain arrangement made in the work place to help me? I will be ringing occupational health tomorrow to find out and will let you know. Thermal heatpads are really good for back pain, they cost between £5 and £6 for two and last for 8 hrs, I use them when pain is at it's worse can't afford to keep buying them and you can't get them on prescription. Wish I could help you more and sorry if it does not all make sense in agony today. Take care x


Hi ilovemykids, try the supermarket for your heat pads, my mum got hold of some for me at less than half the price and they were just as good and effective. xx


I found some in the pound shop and they were just as good too :) Hope you find a solution to your work issue. I haven't worked for 7 years as I've had children at home, was going to try to find a job once the youngest started school but couldn't find anything suitable as my pain and tiredness seem to be here to stay. I'm now starting my own business from home as I can then rest when I need to. xx


fatefulserendipity i have sent you a message.

Amb43 and missteal thank you for your messages on heat pads, I will look into this, anything to help with the pain. x


Sorry to hear of your pain, and work worries, I comp,eye key understand the implications of endo and work or the inability to.

Soon you will get a diagnosis and once they are more aware of what it is hopefully a pain team can target rehabilitation.

In the meantime I can highly recommend therma care heat wraps, they are very good heat up almost instantly and last over 8 hours, willinsons has them the cheapest I've seen.

Hope you get someone moving forward soon



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