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Advice needed

In agony and it's getting worse :( was prescribed tramadol and its doing nothing, I am due to go back to consultant 10th November, my GP has ran out of options what do I do? My partner is nagging me to go to out of hours tonight but I don't see the point as I always get sent away.

I can't take this pain anymore it's pure pressure in my abdo, doctor did a urine test no infection there. It feels like something is trying to get out of me

Any advice??

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Is it time of the month or just spontaneous pain?

Maybe tram are not working for you.

If you go out of hrs you could get advice or stronger pain killers last you til 10th?



No just random pain not my ordinary pains I get. Really struggling


If its not the norm, I would defo try get in out of hrs if you can. You'll get no sleep else and have suffer.

Never feel bad for an illness you can't see.

You might of ruptured a cyst or something.

A & e would be able to help better maybe give you a scan or Internet. As they'll have more specialist s there.

Go and get fixed woman you have to look after you xxxxxx


I know I just get so frustrated when as soon as you say endometriosis they stop listening and send u on ur way with some pills

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I'm the same on my monthy and the pressure and pain in my pelvis is unbearable Iv took tramadol not helping at all Iv phoned out of hours and all nurse advisers were busy on calls they said they would get someone to call back no one did do my husband phoned them back Iv had a night of no sleep lying on a heat pad waking up sweating cause the pain is so bad I don't no how much more I can take like xx


It's horrible! We shouldn't have to live like this


I agree but maybe if the nhs took there time to help people with this horrible condition instead of leaving them to suffer in pain all the time think I'll be a day of painkillers and a hot water bottle as don't have the strengh to get out of bed xx


If they sorted us out and didn't turn off as soon as endometriosis was mentioned they would save money, we would stop going back constantly.

I also feel that one day something important would get missed because they will blame anything on endometriosis. We need more people aware of it and its effects.

I am also having a rest day and if no improvement by tonight, it's a trip to out of hours iv had my orders by my partner.


I'll be the same if I'm no better tonight my husband will be taking me to out of hours he said it's no right putting up with this amount of pain xx


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