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Hi Ladies,

Hope your all well.

I'm looking for some advice please.

Me & my partner have decided to start trying for a baby. Does anyone have any advice on the best times etc? I don't even know how fertile I am due to the endo, but I was told by my consultant that the sooner I decide too the better. But please don't think I'm only doing it because of that lol! We have been talking about it for a while.

Thanks in advance


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I agree with the doctor as the endo can return. I had surgery to remove my endo and than a month later did ivf like was advised from my if dr. Good luck! I had endo all over my ovaries and my uterus.

The best time to try is after a lap, often because they prepare and test everything whilst removing the endo.

I was also told the sooner the better, I was diagnosed ten years ago and only now I am feeling ready to start thinking about it.

I hope it happens for you quickly and easily! Good luck x

Thanks for your advice ladies!

Yes I also forgot to add to my post that I had my last lap 6 months ago - and he told me up to the first year is the best time.

I'm just dreading the intercourse if im honest! Because I get a lot of pain, I know that's awful to say and I sound a little selfish. Xx

Pain when intercourse is due to Endo? They should have removed it. If I a correct?

Yes it was removed but not all of it because they were in risky areas, that what I was told anyway. I have also had women's health physiotherapy and after she examined me she said my pelvic floor muscles are very weak and that could be contributing to the pain during sex. My surgeon was very highly recommended and I was looked after very well by him.

Hi - you need to do ovulation tests to establish which day you are ovulating and in addition to this the length of your cycle is relevant. The time between ovulation and the start of your period is called the luteal phase which is when a fertilised egg would implant. It is considered that this needs to be a minimum of 10 days. So when you establish when your ovulation is work out what your luteal phase is. Your cycles may be irregular so do this every month now to get a general idea. If your luteal phase is regularly short you may need progesterone prescribing in the second half of your cycle.

I see that all your endo could not be removed and you have continued to have pain since your lap. Pain with sex is worrying and would suggest deep endo behind the uterus that often can't be seen at a lap. You mention that you were seen by a specialist but was this in a BSGE centre? Did you have an MRI and/or rectovaginal exaam before your lap (fingers up bum and vagina at the same time) to look/feel for deep nodules? Where in the UK are you? x

Hi thanks for the info, I will definitely take it on board. I had the lap in a hospital, I don't know what bsge centre is?

And no I didn't have those procedures done before the lap, but I have had an MRI I paid privately to have it done because my doctor wouldn't refer me to have it done on the NHS. X

I'm from south wales, not far from caerphilly and Cardiff. X

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