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Swollen fallopian tubes

Hi everyone

I haven't wrote on here for a while. I'm looking for some advice for my friend. She has been under a fertility clinic and recently had a mri which showed both of her fallopian tubes have significant swelling. The consultant has told her it could be mild Endometriosis. Just wondered if anyone else has had swollen fallopian tubes and what it was? She has surgery booked in for in 3 weeks time but has been told she could possibly lose both her tubes. She has no children and this has been a huge shock for her.

Any advice on the swollen fallopian tubes would be fab xx

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Hi, I am 3 days post 2nd lap and prior to surgery I had consented to removal of my tubes if they were blocked or swollen. Luckily they weren't. But essentially if she is already under a fertility centre then the IVF success rate is higher by 30% if non working tubes are removed. It does mean that she would never conceive naturally though.

Hope this is helpful x


Thanks lovely that's great. Think she needs some positive news. Did you have a mri before surgery that showed swollen tubes or did they just think that might have been the case.

Hope you are feeling OK after your lap hunni. I've got surgery next week for presacral neurectomy yikes.

Sending love xx


No I didn't have an mri before the op they just thought that might be the case as I haven't got pregnant in the last year. Glad to be home and resting up! Hope your surgery goes well too xx


I bet you are glad to be home hunni. Just take it easy so you don't set yourself back. I never recover well after Endo surgery. Get plenty vitamins in you xx


Hi, my bsge doc thinks my left tube is blocked and maybe also my right from my MRI and ultrasound scans. He is not sure if it is due to endo or something else such as blocked by scar tissue or adhesions, but after discussing with him and considering my medical history I have decided to have a full pelvic clearance and excision of endo if any found. Sorry I can't be any more help. Hope your friend gets some more answers and your surgery goes well X


Thanks for the reply hun. So if the Endo specialist is doing a clearout and removing the Endo does that mean he isn't planning on removing your tubes? My friend was sent to a fertility consultant and she wasn't expecting any of that news, all she knew was that she had a cyst on her tube that might need removing but now they have just said both are swollen. So the consultant who is doing surgery in 3 weeks is a fertility consultant and not a Endo specialist, she knows all the problems I've had with my Endo and being miss diagnosed and surgery that made me worse etc, I've told her to not let this consultant mess with any Endo as I cannot find anything about him and Endo on the Internet and he isn't on the bsge list. I think he is just having a look when he does the lap in 3 weeks so if it is Endo I'll tell her to get referred to my consultant.

Sounds promising what you wrote hun doesn't sound like you are having your tubes removed. I'll keep everything crossed for you hun.



Hi, A pelvic clearance is everything removed including tubes, ovaries full hysterectomy but like I said mine is also due to past medical history (click in my name and read my very first post and my other posts if you want to find out more). I was told at first from my ultrasound that I had a 8.5cm cyst on left and 3 smaller cysts on right but now from the mri scan they think the left is a blocked and therefore "grossly dilated fallopian tube" (technical term is a hydrosalpinx), plus maybe 1 on the right is also blocked just not as dilated, and this is what is looking like a cyst on the ultrasound.

It could be the same for your friend that at first it looked like a cyst from an ultrasound but then from an mri which is 3D they can see more detail and are saying it could be a blocked tube (hydrosalpinx).

I have 1 child and due to the problems I had when she was born I was told then it was advisable not to have any more children so I don't have the emotional side of a hysterectomy that a lot of ladies have, so having everything removed is not an issue fertility wise for me.

If the gyny does find endo with your friend then yes I would definitely agree she needs to see a bsge specialist. All the best to you both X


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