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Side effects of zoladex

Hi ladies,

I just had my third lap on Saturday to laser and remove endometriosis from uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. I also had a haemorrhagic cyst drained from my ovary. The next course of action is 6 months of zoladex before we can try for a family to stop the endometriosis growing back so fast. I'm reading up on it and it sounds like an awful drug. How many of you out there are on zoladex and what have your experiences been? Give me all the gory details please so I can make an informed ddecision ! Thank you!

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The fact that you have now had 3 laps, have had laser (that I assume was ablation rather than excision) and they want to give you prostap suggest that you are not being treated properly and that they are repeatedly failing to remove your endo.


Thanks lindle, I should have been more specific:

First lap 5 years ago- diagnostic, haemmeragic cyst and appendix removed.

Second lap 2 weeks ago- diagnostic, endometriosis found.

3rd lap 4 days ago- endometriosis treated as described in my earlier post.

Next course of action is zoladex


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Hi I've had 4 operations and was put on zoladex 3years ago after prostate didn'the work at all. Side affects are harsh but they can be managed and don't have to be terrible. It gave me back my life I could plan to go out parties work or holidays without being hit by uncontrollable pain or bleeding. Having just come off it at 44 I have got my periods back but so far all manageable. Good luck. X


Thanks so much for your reply, you are very realistic! Xx


Seems abit backwards to me im on zoladex whilst waiting for surgery.

Its not that bad u get hot flushes alot but compared to the pain its nothing. Some mood swings espically at first when u dont know how to control them, sometimes i wondered how i kept my job lol but know i full have control of my mood now from practice.

If your not a fan of neddles the injection itself is fairly big but im on month number 11 and still going back for more so can be so bad.


Thanks for your reply. I don't want ivf so going down this route to improve my chances if conceiving nxt year


I was on Zoladex earlier this year and it the most horrific treatment that I've ever had. I was also on HRT for the side effects but it didn't help. I had agonising joint pain, migraines, hot flushes and night sweats and horrible mood swings. I felt like I was going crazy! It also did absolutely nothing for my endo pain. Research it throughly before agreeing to it, it's a very harsh drug and lots of people are left with long term side effects especially bone problems. I wish I had done better research before agreeing to it, but I'd been down every other route and was desperate and it was the only thing left. Interesting I changed to a BSGE consultant when I was on it and she said that they don't recommend it as a treatment for endo and took me off it. Good luck with what you decide xx


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