I posted just over a week ago about my recurrent tummy troubles which I believe is caused by endo. I've been waking up in pain most nights with agonising tummy pains that on Thursday last week I contemplated driving myself to a&e. I've been to my gp today who has prescribed me Mebeverine to take for the next two weeks then go back to see if it's helped any. Just wondered if anyone has tried this before and if it worked for them. Thanks x

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I used to take Mebeverine which my GP prescribed for IBS. This was years and years ago before I had any endo symptoms.

Does your GP think the Mebeverine will stop the pain? X

It's worth a try. X

Hiya I used to take mebevarine as well as peppermint oil capsules before I had extensive excision 6 weeks ago. I had recto-vaginal and it had started to invade into my bowel wall. I am on my first post op period now & no bowel symptoms :-) :-) hope you find they work for you :-) x

Thanks peeps. The gp wants me to trial them and keep a diary for 2 weeks and if I find they help then they know it'll be my bowel giving me grief. At my lap last year my bowel had stuck to my right ovary and had to be separated which caused me great pain and discomfort. These new symptoms seem all too familiar and I'm scared it's happened all over again and I'll need another lap. The last one was quite traumatic. X

I've taken mebeverine for a number of years now for ibs and it does generally help, it's an antispasmodic, so has the effect of relaxing the muscles in the digestive system which can certainly relieve some of the pain. Definitely worth a try. Best of luck!

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