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Endotrial Biopsy?


Just had my letter through with my lap date! Sadly it's when I'm on holiday but hopeful now for a sooner date than I thought it might be! Anyway, in the procedure information is says 'operating laparoscopy + endotrial biopsy' and I wondered if the biopsy part is standard with a diagnostic lap, or if this is something else they're doing too?


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Yes it is common to have biopsies taken of any tissue that may possibly be endo. Endo comes in so many shapes and sizes...and colours too. yellow and white and red.

Red endo is easy to see and remove. White and yellow sorts could just be fatty deposits or other tissue not endo, so for that reason, it is necessary to remove some suspect samples and send them to the lab to be checked as they may mean further work needs doing on that location at a later date.

How many biopsies done varies entirely on what is found when they get in you.

Could be one or two, or a dozen or more. Nothing to worry about. The results take a few weeks to come back and normally a letter is sent to you and your GP or just your GP with the results of the biopsies.

If you do have a follow up appointment with your surgeon then the results will be discussed with you then, if endo was identified but not removed. It is indeed a standard part of a diagnostic lap op. Not everyone will need biopsies taken, but if there is need then it will be done.

I don't know how many I had done - was just told several.

All okay except the one on the cervix - which was iffy.

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Thank you, that's really helpful. I thought that might be it, but you know what it's like in these circumstances, have to ask everything! Thank you!


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