Help needed. I want to cry so much at the moment!

Hi I have had endometriosis for over a year now and have just been diagnosed recently and have been told that the marina coil hopefully should stop the pain? However, it could take up to 6months for it to work so in the meantime I am suffering really bad with the pain. It's been on and off for the year. Sometimes the pain is light but most of the time when it flares up it's extreme pain so painful I am having to take time off work. I have tried a number of painkillers but they don't seem to work. A hot water bottle does ease the pain but it's not practical. Does anyone recommend anything that will help reduce or even better stop the pain? Thank you in advance! Lisa x

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  • Hi Lisa,

    I am sorry to hear what you're going through, I feel your pain. I have severe endometriosis, a laparoscopy confirmed this in November. I thought my gynae had removed what she could, but unfortunately, she didn't. Instead, told me that my ovaries and uterus were stuck together and could not do much. So, as you can imagine, I have been in pain every month. I ended up in ER last month because I felt like I was blacking out and felt nausea and was in extreme pain. Had some blood tests done and the doctors sent me home with 600mg Ibuprofen and 500mg Tylenol. During my periods, I take this every 10-12 hours and it is the only thing that helps with pain. I also bought an electric heating pad, which helps a bit.

    Medication tend to work differently for everyone, so perhaps you can try and ask your doctor if something similar will help? I hope all goes well for you, I know it's difficult but we are strong women and can go through this. It sounds easy to say but I have had a rough time to be honest, but I am not letting this endo weigh me down.

    Hugs to you.

  • Are you under BSGE specialist? X

  • Thanks so much for the information. I will ask my doctor x

  • Thanks so much for the information, I will ask my doctor x

  • Hi! Sorry to hear this. I had my lap in October and was diagnosed then. They also placed a coil in me. I get the occasional cramps which feel really painful and at the moment I'm spotting. I've been told I need to give it six months so I guess only time will tell. I don't really know what's normal or not as people say different things. I have co codomal tablets which help but I only take these at night as they make me sleepy. Other than that my hot water bottle is great! I'm here if you need to talk whenever, just message me 😀 Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thanks hot water bottle does help but too. I have contact my doctor who have now give me a prescription for another tablet, which I need to pick up tomorrow (can't remember the name tho) x

  • Maybe go on the pill instead xx worth a try. Seem to help me really well x

  • Thanks but I don't get on with being on the pill, it's gives me bad headaches but thanks for replying x

  • Yes kraytom helps alot get the red vein for night pain an green for morning it does ease the pain alot. Its at

  • Thanks I will have a look at the website. X

  • I was diagnosed in 1997. I had at least 8 lacrosse opinion procedures over the years to laser and clear up my endometrium. My OBGYN treated me with depo shots, birth control, etc. To control my heavy, painful menstrual cycles.

    We prolonged having a hysterectomy for as long as we could so I could hold out for hope of ever getting pregnant but that never happened for me. I ended up having my left ovary and tube removed and later everything removed in Feb. 4th of 2010.

    I understand the agony, pain, and fear you are all suffering with. At least now more people are more aware of endometriosis when I was diagnosed in 1997 no one I knew ever heard of it.

    Good luck to all of you and I hope they keep finding better ways to better manage and treat it.

  • Thank you for reply. Its so helpful. I was thinking if the coil doesn't work that I could ask for a hysterectomy as I too can not have children but unsure what side affects I could have? Have you had any issues since you have had it done?

    Lisa x

  • I felt wonderful after my hysterectomy. Best decision I ever made. I got my life back. Yes, I gave to take 1mg of estradiol for hormone replacement but after living with endometriosis it's a cake walk in comparison.

    Make the right decision for you. I am happy I did it! Life without countless pain, laser removal endoscopic procedures to remove my endometrium growth, etc. My quality of life is better for sure.

    Take care of you.

  • Thats good to know thanks. I am having the marina coil fitted on Friday so I will give that a go and see if it works so fingers crossed. Its good to know that a may have another option if things do get better. Thanks again Lisa x

  • A super low dosage pill might help a lot, I had awful side effects from a higher dosage one but now I'm on a very low one and it's hardly noticeable! Also the endo diet, specifically cutting out or down on gluten and dairy, and women's vitamins (While they aren't a 'cure' they sure do a damn good lot of help haha)!

  • Oh thank you. The diet sounds interesting. I will look into that. Thanks x

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