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Hi I have suffered for 5years, went into hospital after hospital telling me nothing wrong I was already taking morphine for the pain from back ops. So they just told me to go home and take more morphine. After a 999 call to hospital I stopped in 16 days still nothing . I was in so much pain even morphine not working when I got out I asked my GP for another appointment at KINGS mill Nottingham and after one app with MR PICKLES stage 4 endometriosis was thought 2 weeks later in the Park for a Hysterectomy opened up, then woke up scare across only to be told he couldn't do it to bad. After 4 weeks back in Kings mill many surgeons in theatre woke up scare right up my tummy from belly downwards full hysterectomy done found out everything stuck together bowels tummy still got a bit off but now 1 year on. Morphine cut down but still worried will it come back anyone out there had it again !!!M

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Unfortunately this is a chronic condition and if your question is will it grow back then yes the chances are it will, mine did and my consultant told me yesterday it will again even though I had another surgery last month.

BUT there is a lot they can do to help prevent it from growing back so severely, I now have the mirena coil which will hopefully help with any re growth, also that means if they do need to operate again hopefully it won't be as extensive.

Hope that helps xx


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