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Oral morphine

Hello ladies

Have any of you been prescribed oral morphine for pain.? I ended up in hospital today and have been prescribed oral morphine as I can not control my pain levels.

I was also told that the doctor could feel my cyst on my ovary when he examined my abdomen. I wonder how big the cyst must be to be felt in that way.?

I still haven't got a date for the hysterectomy !

I hope you are all as well as you can be.

Barbara x

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Oh Barbara- not good. I've had oramorph if that's the same thing after my hyst. Made me feel nicely spaced out. Sending you all my best. X


Thank you dillweed. I was offered hospital admission or oral morphine! I am seeing my own GP on Wednesday and the hospital doctor will fax a letter to her suggesting that she contacts the specialist to speed up my surgery.

How are you doing?


Hi Barbara......You poor thing, I'm on oral morphine, its called oxycontin and is a miracle worker for me, you must have been in excrutiating pain, I have suffered with a lot of cysts over the years and if he could feel it through your abdomen then its pretty large....how long did your doctor say it should take for your hysterectomy, was there any word about removing the cyst in the mean-time....did you have a scan, do they know what type of cyst it is.......Hope you get word soon and get relief from the tablets xx


Hello cuddlybear. Yes the pain is very severe... Two tramadol didn't even touch the pain last night!

I think the cyst is the chocolate one that was noted on my last scan, but I'm not sure.

I have been on the list for four weeks... I'm told it could be anything from 12-18 weeks.

How are you ?


Please god it happen's soon, the relief from pain after the hysterectomy is amazing, your in pain but its not endo pain...in the meantime get as much rest as possible and look after yourself.....am crippled pet, finally having surgery within the next 3weeks, I wrote to everyone I could think of including the minister for health in our government and finally they brought in 2 specialists to check my case and find out wots wrong...was in for a week having numerous tests, have a haemorrageing cyst, an endometrioma measuring 16cm X 12cm, have partial blockages in my bowel and intestines, severe endo on bowel,bladder,pelvis, need to have right ovary and tube removed (thats everything gone now and they said ill get the menopause full blown, have started hrt and had to be taking it for 12weeks before the surgery would go ahead, have 5 kidney stones, need a bowel resection and finally have a lot of adhesions and scar tissue and that too is being removed and have permanent nerve damage....he said if they had just fixed it when they saw I wasn't recovering from said surgery it would've been done within an hour bt now looking at a 8-10hour surgery...been waiting 20months for this and have an amazing surgeon, hes one of the top specialists in europe and a true gent and wants to help.....dad had his brain surgery last wed and is in Intensive Care bt doing well......plz god this will all be behind us by christmas......Make sure you look after yourself and wish you the best of luck with the hysterectomy and will be dying to hear how you get on x


Hi Barbara,

So sorry to hear you are suffering!!

I've been prescribed oramorph 10mg/5ml, it's worked for me fantastically, I'm a bit weary of taking strong painkillers so used this as a last resort but it does work very quickly.

Are you due any scans or a follow up for your cyst?

Hope you find some relief x


Just as a matter of interest has anyone on the thread taken both oramorph and oxycontin /oxynorm - not together - at different times. I take an increasing amount of oxycontin / oxynorm along with other drugs. This is not oral morphine but it is supposed to be in the same 'bracket' in terms of strength and relief (though it depends how much you take I guess!). Just wondered if there was someone who could compare and contrast the two drugs in terms of how well they work. Obviously, I've had intravenous morphine lots of times in hospital and at A&E but never oramorph.



I take targinact 40mg twice daily and have just been given oramorph last week after going to a and e in excruciating pain. The targinact (OxyContin)is to keep the pain away on a spread out manner throughout the day and the oramorph is for breakthrough pain, so, if you find whilst on the OxyContin you still have bouts of pain, take it sparingly, it spaces you out and it to be use on an as and when basis only. I try not to take it but sometimes nothing else hit it.

They won't give it to you for a long period I don't think, I. A waiting to see the pain specialists and it seems they will change your cocktail of meds to get something that works for you, everyone is different and what works for one, may not for another, have you been referred to a pain specialist? If not do try to get your gP to do this. I don't like the oramorph personally because it zonks me out too much.

Oh, and don't even have a small glass of wine on these! In my experience I had one with a meal recently, treating myself and oops, almost went face first into my dessert!! Won't do that again...

Hope that helps?

Steph x


Hi. Thanks. I'm currently on a cocktail of 4 prescribed pain meds of which (60mg per day)Oxynorm is one. Obviously I try to use them as sparingly as possible but there are many days that I am on the maximum dose of everything. For some reason the slower release Oxycontin did not work well for me - I think is because I needed the quick release Oxynorm to get my pain under control quicker. I do take another drug (DHC Continus) which is slow release. It might just be that the dose of Oxycontin they were giving me was not high enough at that particular time. Oxycontin / Oxynorm does not really zonk me out fortunately. One of my other meds does knock me out for an hour soon after taking it.

I don't really like being on 4 different drugs but it has been by far the best solution to date - until recently - which is why I am wondering about trying to re-look at things.

I have seen consultants at the pain clinic before - though not for a while. They came up with my current regime but it might be time to go back.

Good luck with getting your own pain sorted x


Hi Barb,

I'm pretty familiar with Oromorph (one brand of oral morphine) having been prescribed it on a couple of occasions after visits to A&E with excruciating lower back and pelvic pain. Like you, at the time, none of my usual painkillers were effective in taking the edge off the pain - I ended up requiring an Ambulance to get me to hospital as I could not walk properly (it felt like my insides had seized, gummed together).

I've always found Oromoprh helpful at times such as these. It's allowed me to get off to sleep when otherwise I could not because of pain and discomfort. I have noted that it makes me feel a little "out of it" and very sleepy; I also get a bit of a dry, fuzzy mouth with it. Still, it works very quickly - a lot faster than the usual Tramadol, Cocodamol, Ibuprofen, Mefenamic Acid, etc. that I take.

Probably not a good thing to allow oneself to become dependent on it - same applies to all drugs, I guess. Still, if you can get the treatment you need sooner as opposed to later, then it may at least be there as a helpful "stop gap".

Best wishes,



hi yeah I have had oral morphine it works really well for the pain, can make you feel a bit sick I normally take metocloprimide for the sickness before taking the oramorph and then i am fine. hope you get your date for your hysterectomy soon x


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