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Another cyst :(

Hi, I'm 26, Almost 2 years ago I had a laparotomy to remove cysts and was in so much pain because a couple of the cysts had ruptured. Recently I was more sore than usual so the doctor sent me for an internal scan, another cyst! I am living on painkillers until my hospital appointment, I presume they will operate again? I know my left ovary (where the cyst is) was badly scarred at the time of my first op so Im wondering if they'll take the ovary out. Is this all endo is? Continuous operation to remove cysts and being in pain? :( I never feel like I've been given much info on it, even from the specialists. x

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Chances are they only drained the cysts and used laser on your cysts last time. When surgeons do this, the cysts just refill and continue to grow... And then your back to square one!

If the hospital recommends further surgery, insist that they cut out the cyst. Unfortunately I've had numerous cysts over the years. Some of these have ruptured and scattered their contents all over my pelvis. Now I have adhesions sticking everything together.

Best wishes,

Barbara x

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Thank you for your reply, I did wonder what happens when the cysts rupture. Sorry to hear about your experience with Endo, it does seem like a continuous vicious circle, I don't think anyone I've spoke to knows of the condition either, apart from my mum, she suffered from endo and got a hysterectomy at 36.


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