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Lap or open?

Basically in sept I got told I had a few small cysts on my left ovary and tubes. Yesterday I was in so much pain I came to a&e, I was admitted and had a scan this morning that showed my little cysts have become one massive fluid filled cyst or abcess covering my whole ovary. Drs being Drs havent kept me in the loop and haven't told me what the plan is next. Anyone had a huge cyst removed? Roughly 10.5cm wide? Is it still key hole? What's the recovery like re x x x

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I've had one measuring about the same size. Mine was an endometrioma. They went in laparoscopically but had to then go onto a laparotomy (open surgery)

I was in hospital 5 days and I spent about four weeks off work.

What ever you do, do not let them just drain the cyst..... It will just fill up again. They need to cut the cyst out.

Good luck.


I have an emdometrioma of a similar size. It was removed via a lap in 2012 and I took about 10 days to heal completely. Unfortunately mine has grown back and I will need further surgery, but this is just my experience. I would suggest writing down all the questions you have and asking your doctors as every woman's endometriosis is different and the right treatment for you may not be what I had done.

Good luck


Hi Jofus,

Sorry to hear you've ended up in hospital. I hope they are able to relieve the pain for you.

I have an endometrioma on each ovary one of which ruptured in Jan. Pain was insanely excruciating.

Barbara is correct. If you get it removed it should be excised and not drained or lasered.

Take care and let us know what happens. x


Hi all,

I'm staying in hospital tonight and iv got another trans vaginal scan tomorrow as the dr that done it today's wants a second opinion in weather it needs to be removed straight away or if I can wait until my lap on 22 April and do it then. If it's booked as an emergency then chances are my lap will get postponed and they won't do the rest of my excisions just the new big thing that they found today.

I'm currently on IM morphine and IV cyclozine anti sickness. The anti sick drug actually has a much more calming and pain reliving effect then the morphine. Morphine makes me high not sleepy. And doesn't always work for my pain :-( so I end up being wide awake and in pain.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, I kind if hope they take it out sooner rather then later. And they said if there is someone qualified then they will do my endo excision too :-) x x


Oh poor you. My dear me, I hope you are okay.

Hopefully, if they have to operate - it will be a gynaecologist with experience of endometriosis. May I ask, which hospital are you at?

It maybe that you have no choice but to have the operation sooner, because that cyst is HUGE. No wonder you have been so so poorly. I hope your entire family have visited this time. Bless you.


Regarding family, dad is away with work so I'll let him off. My sister hasn't even text back and I sent her the scan pics to see for herself. Enough about her though because it makes me sad.

I'm in pembury hospital. They have told me that they hope I'll be able to have my lap surgeon or the endo specialist at my op so they can do both ops in one but they can't promise that. They have said if it's ok enough to wait until the 22 then they will if they can't get the endo people at such short notice. So they are trying their bests to make sure I'm not having an extra op if I don't need to. I really hate this hospital with a passion so the less ops I have the better!!! AND just to add insult to injury, all the wards here are single rooms. My rooms TV has broken so I'm not only lonely but I have no tv to fill my time with :-( the other half is bringing his laptop for me tomorrow so I can have some films to watch. The drugs keep me awake all the time, I'm living on 2/3 hours a night at the moment and not having a tv will be horrible x x


You really are having a dreadful time. What makes hospital stays bearable for me are the other ladies on a shared ward...... I couldn't imagine having a single room !

I hope that they do both of your operations together and as soon as possible.

The cyst is a biggy ! Has it got that big despite you being on Prostap?

Best wishes,

Barbara x


The only good thing about single rooms are the en suits and relaxed visiting hours apart from that I hate it!!! It's so lonely. This is a 'flagship' hospital, looks more like a shopping centre then anything else. If my tv worked it wouldn't be so bad. Also the drs here all seem to have serious god complexes. I hope they do both ops in one as well. I don't know how much more sick leave I'll get away with. Iv already broken my written warning twice!!! X x


Dear me, poor you. Well, as much as you hate the hospital at least they can give you something to help with the pain. As long as you have your Mum and other half there for you, nobody else matters at the moment. There is not really much more you can say about others really...You just concentrate on getting through tonight and getting the treatment you need. Do you have any games on your phone you could do for tonight? Thinking of you. Get well soon! X


Iv got my kindal and magazines to read.

As far as pain relief Go's they don't seen to want to give me anything more then paracetamol!!! I had to beg for a stat does of morphine. Although the anti sickness drug I'm on has a much better calming effect on me then morphine x


Ah bless you. I am addicted to playing solitaire on my Kindle. Lol. Can spend hours on it and it helps me drop off at night too if I take it to bed! Going to bed with my hot water bottle and Kindle now. If you have solitaire on your Kindle (is it a Fire?) give it a go; it can be really relaxing. Hope you manage to get some sleep despite the pain. x


Iv got an old school kindal lol. I'm quite happy listening to melow magic and reading my books. I'll be ok, pains not that bad at the moment just feeling really weak and shakey x


Oh to have a single room !!!!

I woke up from my lap in a big ward with women wailling at their miscarriages, boyfriends and husbands and all sorts wandering in and out at all hours as it is 24hr gynae ward and there's me with a catheter hanging out the side of the bed- desperately trying to fart the trpped gas out of my system, nurses who didn't speak any english, I couldn't get to the privacy curtains and no one in the least bit friendly, sympathetic or wanting to chat. So many ladies and such a miserably depressing place. women waiting for abortions, women post surgeries down below, pregnant women who weren't sure if they were losing their babies or not. Trust me - being a single room has much to recommend it, even if the tv is broken.

You could ask the night nurses for something to help you to sleep.


They won't give me anything stronger then paracetamol because they don't want me to become addicted, I'm pretty sure a sleeping pill will be out the question. Iv got some at home, my mum is bringing in my pain killers secretly and the sleeper to go with them as the pain meds make it impossible for me to sleep :-( iv got until 2 then if I'm still awake the anti sick stuff will knock me out. It's the only thing that's ever had that effect on me. Even diazepam stops me from sleeping. It's like drinking 4 double espresso's then trying to sleep lol x x


Now that did make me laugh..... When I had my

laparotomy I was on a ward with 5 ladies who had the same type of operation. We were farting so much that we could have become our own band!

What was great was that to begin with, we were all so embarrassed by our bottom burps..... But in the end we laughed when one if us did "let rip"

Oh the relief!


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I'd much prefer a shared ward, partly because I'm so nosy lol x



I had a 15 removed via lap, I had extensive stage 4, total peritoneal excision, tube removed, I had endo removed from bladder, bowel, pod and ureters. I stayed in hospital 3 days then had 6 at home recovering so was back to work after 9

Good luck x


Hi did you have this done privately - the peritoneal excision? I'm in a really bad way at the moment with stage 4 recto vaginal endo adenomyosis and chronic pain. During IVF egg collection my bowel was pierced and I got an infection that nearly killed me off 2yrs ago and since then my endo has worsened. After 4 failed laps I was wondering what other options I have? x


Pembury hospital is huge!! I had a 15cm cyst removed there, I had to be opened up. Mine had to be removed as an emergency as it was twisting around my Fallopian and made my appendix nearly rupture. My tv didn't work either when I was there! But I did go under expecting to just have my appendix out as apparently my 15 cm cyst could not be seen on an ultrasound so I had no idea it was there until I came into recovery. I was in for 5 days after but I had an abnormal white blood cell count so I was on antibiotics iv.


The cyst they found yesterday has gone today?? So confused!!! I hate this stupid hospital, they keep lying to me about stuff!!! The dr just came round and said they have no idea what's causing me so much pain and she doesn't understand why I'm only being given paracetamol :-( x


I'm assuming you had a second scan today where the cyst did not show. Maybe the first scan they did was at a point when it was bursting but still filled? Perhaps it then drained. This might explain the disappearance!

How is your pain now? Has it reduced at all?


It has a little bit but the sharp stabbing pains don't hurt any less :-( I feel very weak today, my bp is all over the place but the nurse said that's normal? It's not normal for me, I'm nearly pretty constant x x


Well what ever they found yesterday isn't there today? So confused :-( x


Oh babe I know how you feel. I have my pre op at pembury tomo as I have an op on 1st up there. Pm if you want hun.


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