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Serious concerns about my surgeon and my op is on Tuesday!!

I had a call from the hospital today to check I'm ok for Tuesday still. I asked the lady what op I was having as no one has been clear on if it's exploratory (again, had one this time last year) or excision. Turns out iv been booked in for both ops and two different times of the day. Iv been booked in for a day surgery and an over night stay. They've also sprung the news that I'm having an enema first!!! My lap last year went that wrong I had to have 6 months of work with infection. He's not inspiring much confidence in me for this year if he can't even book me for just one op!! And no wander there are no hospital beds if they book 2 for one person!!! Really a bit worries that I'm going to turn up and they give me an exploratory instead of an excision because they get confused!!! Anyone else had problems with the reliability of there drs?? X x

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I don't think its a case of booking you in for two separate ops at different times and you having two beds, its more like they will give you a diagnostic lap and if there is an amount of endo that can be excised in the allocated time then you will have an excision there and then too. The timings just probably realate to the theatre diary. Depending on how you do after the op will depend on whether you stay in over night x


Iv spoken to the bookin people and it's them that told me outright there has been a mistake as they have put me down for two seperate ops.

If your booked in as a day case they can't reserve a bed on the ward for you just in case or there wouldn't be any beds left. X


I don't know about your hospital but when I went in I got to see the consultant before the op, this is when you get the chance to go over anything you are concerned about, don't forget they have to get your consent first before they can carry out any procedure.

I totally understand your reservstions after your previous experience, like you I had an awful experience in fact I only got home this morning after a week in hospital due to complications from a lap I had on 7/4, unfortunately it can happen and we were both unlucky to have it happen to us.

Feel free to pm me of you need to talk it over, I wish you all the best with your op xxx


I'm actually terrified because I have no confidence in this man at all!!! I got admitted a few weeks back and he couldn't even give me the right discharge letter!!! I got one for someone with clots in there legs!!! And the fact that every day I was there I saw a different dr and they all told me different things. Yet not once did they look at why I was in so much pain in my kidneys!!! I wasn't even complaining of gyny pain :-(

Baring in mind iv already had a lap and been diagnosed last year he tried telling me that I'm lying and iv never had a diagnosis.... So I sent him a copy of all my letter from 3 drs INCLUDING himself all talking about my diagnosis by lap and MRI. I threw up in a bowl I front of him and he said it wasn't sick?? He's crazy and I'm scared of him. But if I refuse surgery then my boss will get the hump because I'm going to need even longer off :-( x x


Omg you sound like me!!! This must be happening to so many ladies out there it's a joke!!!

When I was admitted to hospital on Monday I seen a different consultant every day, they all take in turns to have shifts on the ward so you never get to see the same one, every day I was tested for something else even though the scan on admittion already confirmed internal bleeding and blood test showed signs of infection, l was even checked for kidney problems!! the worst thing the consultant I seen yesterday before I got discharged asked how I knew I had endo, didn't even look at my notes and didn't have a clue I had a lap a week before in the very same hospital.

How about contacting the endometriosis helpline or your local support group some advise? I totally understand the need for surgery and the issues with work but you have to make sure you are totally happy after all it is surgery.

Thinking of you and really hope all goes well xxx



It really does seem to be happening to to many ladies. In fact a friend of mine had a lap last Tuesday and is back in a&e tonight with a mass infection. Scarily it's also the same surgeon that's operating on me tomorrow :-(

I wasn't awear there was a helpline and I don't think there is a support group in my area. I'd love to get involved if there is!!!

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I think I'm gonna need it x x


Wishing you all the luck in the world!!!! Hope all goes well and you make a speedy recovery with NO complications xxxxx


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