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Has anyone had to have hystrectomy and removal of ovariers due to severe depression, acne and facial hair and mood swings?


Suffered with anxiety and PMT since teenager.Depression increased after childbirth.Two children, severe depression after second child resulted in taking anti depressants with mood stablisers which made me no better.I have been having prostap injections since Oct 2013 and finally have more control of my emotions.9.5 years of hell.?

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I haven't but I've been experiencing the same issue although I don't have kids. Hair growth, acne, depression and some pretty weird mood swings. Its scary and if you get any information on these types of symptoms it would also be helpful for me :)

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Google Reproductive depression.Brilliant article by Proffessor John Studd.It explains pretty much of my life.


Has anyone mentioned poly cystic ovarian syndrome to you?

I'm not in any way suggesting you have this syndrome. However I have PCOS and have facial hair and also experienced the above emotional issues at some point.


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Yes,the Gyn said it was pcos and severe pms.Thankyou for replying

I cannot quite see how the mechanics of having a hysterectomy would resolve any of the four issues you have raised in your question.

A bilateral oopherectomy or a TAH is rarely done without good reason and even if it is done you would then need to take HRT for many years to supply your body with some of the hormones that will help bone strength and healthy heart.

But those same hormones may be partly responsible for your PMS/PMT moods. In other words you would be wasting your very precious ovaries in terms of your general health for no real benefit to the PMT.

Ovaries do so much more than just supply eggs and a menstrual cycle. You should always aim to keep at least one, even if you have raging endo, and whether or not you have a hysterectomy to just remove the uterus.

Having a hysterectomy would stop your having a period bleed that escapes the vagina. It can leave you with sgnificant post op troubles from pain and from adhesions as many ladies have discovered.

It will not stop endometriosis from having a period monthly - the cycle of hormones would still be there to keep on telling the endo to shed and bleed each period unless all the endo is also removed entirely at that same op.

Prostap side effects include stopping growth of hair - this has nothing to do with your ovaries.

The drug works on the pituitary gland in the brain - the gland that produces a range of hormones including the ones for growth of hair nails, bones etc.

So with that hormone temporarily stopped in its production - you wouldn't have hair growth, till after stopping the drug - and eventually the pituitary gland gets back to work and gets back to manufacturing various hormones again, then you get hair growth back and in overdrive too. A total hysterectomy causes even more hair growth in women. Even PC Pills cause an increase in hair growth. I certainly have a lot more facial and neck hair issues after GnRH drugs. And a lot of ladies have reported similar issues. I am a dab hand with the tweezers - it's an every day issue.

It also causes bone density loss while on the drug as it stops the hormone that governs new bone growth to strengthen them.

Whether you stop your periods with Prostap or Pill, it doesn't necessarily cause an improvement to acne - it can make it worse due to lack of hormones.

Severe Depression is a contraindication of Prostap.

You really shouldn't be on the drug if you have any history of depressive illness, it does cause depression - because again it is working in the brain, to at first overload and then shut down production of hormones including TSH a vital hormone that regulates the thyroid in the neck to produce the chemicals that ward off depression. Stopping the production of TSH causes hypothyroidism as one of the many body functions controlled by the pituitary.

So while the drug may improve your pain levels from endometriosis it has a negative impact on body temperature regulation, heart rate, blood pressure, thyroid activity, ovarian or testicular activity and plenty more.

I am really surprised your GP or Consultant has prescribed this for you with your medical history.

I am even more surprised they would even consider a hysterectomy as a solution to the 4 issues you raised.

It is not the solution and will make some of your issues worse not better.

Thank you for your response.I have pcos and severe pmt.After op I will only receive one type of Hrt as body is so sensitive to one of the hormones.I have tried the Hrt already and the Gyna know that I am intolerant to certain hormones.The prostap injections have changed my life beyond recognition and feel 98 per cent better.only a couple of bad days every 2 months when a little of the hormone gets through.I am still getting a little bit of acne and facial hair.If you look up Internet Reproductive Depression by John Studd it explains it all.Brilliant article.Thank you for your comments

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