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Anyone else suffer with acne and have any ideas how to treat it?


I've always suffered from acne and tried many treatments as a teenager. The one thing that did work for me was going on the pill. But obviously with trying for a baby and waiting for my next Endo op I had to come off it and now my acne is worse than ever! It's bad enough dealing with Endo without having bad skin as well. It's really starting to get me down and I am desperate for a solution. Please help!!!!

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I have had acne since I was a teen and I managed to clear it to a level I can be happy with.

Thing is that treating acne when pregnant is difficult because many of the medications are harmful or are unknown in terms of how they effect pregnancy.

I use Azelaic acid and this has cleared my skin almost completely.

I actually chose it because there was no big red flags in terms of pregnancy but when I saw another GP she said she would reccomend not using any treatments in pregnancy as they dont know how it will effect the foetus as it develops which made me sad

But it depends on the GP.

What I will say is this

1) when you first come off the pill the breakout you get can be aweful and eventually the hormones can settle to a more acceptable level so it may not remain this bad

2) many people find their acne clears in pregnancy due to the hormonal changes

3) my doctor said she was happy for me to continue using azelaic acid on my skin while I tried to get pregnant but she would advise that I came off it once I discovered I was pregnant as there was no evidence for it being really harmful like accutane towards a foetus.

I thoroughly reccomend you go to to get support from the other people there. It is a forum like this one and there will be tonnes of pregnant or "soon to be" pregnant ladies who would be really happy to have you join in the conversation. community made a HUGE difference to me when I was feeling really low about my skin so I hope they can help you feel less alone. It really is a community there :)

Crystal x

Thanks Crystal. I've been off the pill for nearly 2 years now and my skin just seems to be getting worse as do my other Endo symptoms. As the pill completely cleared my acne I'm sure mines mostly hormone related. I've been trying proactive for the last month which seems to help more by giving my skin a better base for applying my makeup rather than clearing my skin and preventing further break outs.

I will def check out that site.

Thanks x

My recovery Video xx

if you watch it, expand the screen or you cant see it properly x

Hi.I asked this question a few months ago and was recommended quinoderm cream and dermalogica overnight clearing gel,both are very good.

I am also using la Roche posay effaclar products and have noticed a huge improvement.

Good luck,I know how acne can affect your confidence.

Thanks ladies. Read up last night of lemon juice as a skin toner so going give that a go first. Used it last night and this morning and must say it has made quite a difference already :)

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