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Feeling fed up!


Good Evening Everyone,

Was hoping to be able to send some positive news today as I had my private appointment however that turned out to be a complete waste of time and money :( I’m really struggling on what to do and where to go because my symptoms have got really bad again at the moment and having new symptoms like foul smelling urine and bleeding when I wipe after going for a poo.... Its getting me really down and fed up!!! How did you go about getting the doctors to listen to you about your symptoms as I’ve written a list but feel crazy as there is about 20 symptoms 🙈 Many thanks one fed up woman x

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Go to your gp, don’t tell them you went to see a private appointment.

Demand for a transvaginal Scan or something!

Put your mind at rest x

Ambs2018 in reply to Lexi1995

I’ve only recently in the past two months had one of those done and apart from it being extremely painful and they couldn’t see one of ovaries everything was normal. Thank you x

What happened at the private appointment and was it a bsge consultant?

Ambs2018 in reply to Starry

Unfortunately it wasn’t a BSGE consultant. She didn’t have a copy of my notes or scans even after double checking to make sure they would and it was just a waste of my time and money :(

Starry in reply to Ambs2018

Frustrating xx

Then perhaps a good avenue is to push for your GP to refer you to bsge as being a 'refractory' case and possibly with deep rectal involvement? The Endo centres are generally much better placed to treat endo comprehensively xx

This is the spec for the specialist bsge Endo centres. P6 gives referral criteria which you can potentially use with your GP of need be xx


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