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Endometriosis, can't cope with work anymore!

Hello all,

In short I have been diagnosed with stage 4 endo and have had x2 operations, I am still undergoing test's as they think it has come back, I still have pelvic pain, rectum pain painful sex , constipation all the time, infertility fatigue etc etc, and i am very stressed! this has been going on since 2009, although I wasn't diagnosed until 2011,this has all had such a mental impact on my life and I am so tired all of the time and just can't cope with the smallest amount of stress anymore, I have a very busy physical stressful job, I am in a situation where I either find another job or wait to see if they have another job that I could do which could mean having to travel nearly 50 miles per day to get to the new place of work! or worst case redundant! if I am no longer fit enough to fulfill my core role responsibilities.

I am so tired of explaining myself to people and them still making very inconsiderate comments or thinking your having a mardy because you flip or say you cant do something.

Its true no one really ever understands, even when you have explained it to them god know how many t, and I think it;s because they don't really want to know. :(

Just so fed up, just want to feel normal! what ever that is.

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Hi suby101

Bless ya hun, Can totally relate to the symptoms, not being able to cope and that no-one really understands it even when you have explained it! One thing is for sure on this site you have 100% of people who understand, care, sympathise and will listen.

Work is a hard one and I wish I had an answer for you. Can they reduce responsibilities or hours?

I hope you get the results of the tests soon and something is done to help ease it for you.

I hope you have someone with you who can give you a reassuring cuddle and wipe away the tears when they fall.

Best wishes x


You have my sympathy too. As as endo and adhesion sufferer who has been through the mill, ops, investigations and judgement, I completely understand your predicament! I would love to start a part time business one day but my pain and symptoms and fatigue really affect my confidence.

I am at the stage where I have a possible option of a radical hysterectomy with bowel ressection but it may or may not work and has a strong possibility it could make adhesions (scar tissue) worse!

The other option is throw myself into the abyss and try and do a part time venture but I would need to get up to at least 16 hours within a few months and I am really not sure I am capable of that as things stand. I think it might be better to try and do your own small business venture rather than be forced to travel miles and work for someone else when you are ill. That way depending on the venture, you can tailor your work round your condition easier. Having said all that, either way it is a nightmare and no one but a fellow sufferer really understands or cares how much pain you are in.

The current system is obviously designed by those with no understanding of a chronic condition which can fluctuate wildly! I am scared an confused and far too often crippled with pain and symptoms with no guaranteed cure together with bouts of intense fatigue due to pain and poor sleep. How can any humane authority expect me to perform reliably and efficiently on a day to day basis? I do want and intend to make a decision in the near future go for the op or go for a part time business, both options scare the living daylights out of me as both are a huge gamble.


Thank you ladies for all your support it really helps.

Tomorrow I have a.meeting with my boss I am going to tell him I can't work in that enviroment anymore! I didnt want to have to say it because i could end up being moved to another job I no nothing about, or redundant, but I cant do it anymore.

So see what's said tomorrow hey! Thanks again.xx


Hey Suby101

Good luck with your meeting today with your boss.

I hate been stuck in this job to. Been sat here 9-5 coping with the people I work with really does get me down, they have no idea what I am going through and just tell me its all in my mind most of the time and moan that I have so much time of for appointments and everything its really getting me down, I am also looking for another job cannot wait to get out of here.

I just wish I could afford to have a part time job but unfortunately that is out of the question, I actually think been stuck in this office is making me worse as I have so much stress just coming here, I am sure the people are nice in their own way but god they irritate me then I get wound up been here then I get these horrible symptoms flaire up and I just cannot be doing with it anymore.

Maybe we should just all go on strike till people acutally realise what we are going through x



I totally understand everything your going through aswel I feel the same I too wish I could go part time..but not an option at the mo, yeah maybe we should all go on strike..even for a day! make a stand..haha that would be intresting.

Yeah people always moaning when we have time off for appointment! they got no idea .well I wish you lots of luck and thank you for your kind comments.x

I had a talk with my boss he is going to see what jobs are available and then prob move me..just wait and see what happens next.x


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