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What are the best alternatives for pain management other than pain killers?

Hello ladies. I have (rather ironically) started to have a painful reaction to my pain killers that I absolutely rely on in order to function on a day to day level. I have been getting intense stomach pains (different to endo pains) that leave me totally immobilised - I think I would rather have endo pains sometimes! I am booking in to see my GP ASAP but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone could share what works for them best? I know some people mention TENS machines and so on... Could anyone recommend anything please? Thank you xx

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Sorry, this is annoying advice I know....(having tried tens and lots of painkillers.)

For me, what works is avoiding wheat and doing loads of exercise (5x a week). Changes things from being curled in a ball crying - to getting by with heat pads & paracetamol. Does n't stop the endomeriomas growing sadly, but reduces pain. Took me 7 years to figure out what worked for me. And I hate it!

(I have stage 4 endo, lots of adhesions & huge cysts, one ovary left after 4 ops)

It sounds like your doc is the best bet for now as the stomach pains are not sounding good. Good luck x


Hey Clicker. Thanks for your advice :) unfortunately paracetamol or ibuprofen don't touch the pain at all and I am always attached to my hot water bottle. I follow the endo diet so don't eat wheat/ gluten etc and have to be extra careful as I also have interstitial cystitis. I do go to the gym although lately have been to exhausted as I work 40 hours a week with an hours drive each way (due to finances I can't change this). I have stage 3/4 endo so really hope I can find something to manage as I am 23 and have no life at the moment :/ xx


Hot water bottles and hot baths (sometimes twice a day, I'm dreading to think what my next water bill will be!) when I'm home and hot patches from boots/microvable pads when I'm at work. It works better (for me) than any painkillers and doesn't make me drowsy and doesn't upset my stomach. Peppermint tea also helps a bit. I also just ordered tens machine but still waiting for it to be delivered. I tried avoiding wheat and all the other 'banned' foods for few months and it didn't make any difference (actually I feel worse than last year, not sure what triggered it) so I think I will get back to eating what I like, this condition has messed my life enough already so I want to at least enjoy my meals when I can!:) (ps. I'm 26 and have no life...) x


Hi, heat definitely helps. I have an electric heat pad and am always glued to it - it's fantastic! You can get them in Argos I think and larger branches of boots, or on line. About £20. A tens machine helped me for a bit - it's worth trying the pads in different positions. What painkillers are you having the reaction to? Are they anti-inflamatories? Using those for a long time can be very bad for your stomach. I hope your doctor can find something else that works for you - there are lots of options out there.


Sometimes heat can help, but you have to remember that putting heat on an area actively encourages blood to flow to that area. If there's any inflammation at all, heat actually can aggravate the problem. If you have one of those beany things that you microwave, try putting it in the freezer. This is a more gentle coolness and will bring down any inflammation. It also numbs it. Think about it, if you got punched in the eye, you wouldn't put heat on it - you would put ice on it. My physio told me this years ago and has helped me immensely. Also, anti-inflamatories are good to take. They may not completely stop the pain, but they should stop things getting really swollen and sore. Good luck xx


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