What does one with endo do when pain killers don't help at all with the pains?

I did a lap almost 2 years back and was expecting everything to be ok after but really that is when everything became worst that it was. The pains are so terrible i pass out and that affects my day to day activities. My doctor gave me some pills which really don't help. With the amount of pills i have used i believe my body is so used to them that they have no effect. I really need help because right now the pain is so bad i wish i could just rip my lower back and abdomen out.

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  • Are you on any hormone treatment hun? Might be worth asking the gp to refer you back to the gynea? They may be able to suggest something different! I felt like doing an ovary removal with my bread knife yesterday xxxx

  • No i am not on any hormone treatment but i think i will just ask for some kind of treatment that stops the period i think that will work out better and trust me i get that feeling of removing my ovary with a knife too lol

  • Thank you for making me laugh Missteal! I know exactly what you mean! I often lie in bed twisting and cortorting and pulling my knees up to my chest to try and escape the pain and stretch it out. I often feel I'd like to rip my ovary out and would have no hesitation in sticking a large hyperdermic needle deep into my pelvis/stomach to deliver pain relief direct if only I could.

    Adhesions as a result of endo have glued me up according to Gps and I agree. Trouble is I take Co Drydamol but being codeine it constipates so have to take a whole array of stool softeners, anti spasmodics and even lactalose, suppositories at time and even throw in a senna at times to address the pain killer side effects like a hand grenade! That gives me a whole different set of other problems, piles, constipation followed by the runs! Paracetamol does zilch, Ibuprofen sometimes helps but been warned not to take this often as it can damage the stomach lining.

    They did give me Tramadol to try but as I drive I was a bit nervous of feeling woozy and felt a bit sick on them. So, I can understand how difficult this is. I feel like I am juggling medication simply to try and keep the pain on an even keel! It rarely goes completely, it pinches and aches deep in my right pelvis 24/7 along with low back pain and hip pain. I also take Galvescon as I seem to get loads of acid too. I guess if your stressed from pain you produce stomach acid in response. Weirdly the only thing that helps is being upright for a while and going for a walk! I think it pulls the organs glued up away from each other for a while and endorphines released whilst exercising can help but I do still get hip and low back pain and stiffness even when i walk. Listening to a mindfulness meditation Cd also helps re focus your mind through breathing and hot water bottles help too.

  • thank you so much for telling me this. I have tried using a whole lot of medications but the side effects are as terrible and i feel as if i am dependent on drugs for survival and i was getting addicted because i even used vicodin. I tried going to different doctors but it was the same thing with the pills again and now i really don't know what to do because it affects my going to work. I lay in bed all day crying.

  • I feel your pain - literally at the moment! I often say to my husband to just give me a rusty knife and I'll tear everything out myself! I'm in the same boat at the moment, nothing seems to make a dent in the pain & as I'm really sensitive to painkillers the doctor is limited in what he can give me so I'm left to deal with it! I'm waiting for another gynaecologist appointment after being discharged earlier this year an also for test results about egg yields etc from the fertility clinic and I'm completely pissed off with it all! Sorry to come on and bitch about it and not really offer any advice but I wanted you to know that you are not alone. Hope you find some relief.x

  • hon trust me it's ok not to feel good about it. Endo makes you a completely different person it takes away from your life and it makes you an angry person. I have to go to work in a few minutes and trust me i can barely move but i have to go. I have been told to take herbal treatment but i am hesitant to do so because i really don't know what the side effects will be and i am tired of having to deal with crazy side effects to the medications that are "suppose" to help when really all they do is put you through more pains. i am so sick and tired of seeing doctors and taking useless pain killers i wish at times i could just close my eyes and die just so i will not have to deal with the pain because dying seems easier. so many people think i fake how painful it is which makes me angry at them and for that reason i have less persons around me. If nothing else i am happy i came across this site where i can speak to people who can relate to what i am talking about.

  • Bless your heart, you really are having a rough time of it. I feel the same about the painkillers but I can say with some certainty that the herbal remedies can be quite good. I am under a nutritionist at the moment on top of everyone else! She advocates a wheat free diet and various different herbal tablets and for the most part they really do help. Google the endometriosis and fertility clinic, they have been a huge help to me but I have had to come to terms with the fact that it is not a cure & that I will have times - like now - when I feel rubbish & nothing seems to work for me but then they pass and I can be reasonably well for a while again. If nothing else it has to be worth a look. I'm glad you are getting some comfort from the site, I do too because as supportive and lovely as my husband is I don't like to be constantly moaning to him about it. It's nice to talk freely to people who are going through similar things. Sending you a hug and hoping better days will come.x

  • Thank you so much and i will consider the herbal treatment and i will also google the endo and fertility clinic i am open to all the help i can get.

  • Even my Gp suggested I joined forums with other sufferers and share our pains! I have, and thank heavens for the support of every single one of you, it's a lonely condition that's for sure and support from those 'who know where you at' is essential to saying sane, even if the pain persists!

  • yes and i feel so much better to know that i am not the only one feeling this terrible pain. Other women feel it too and i am happy that we can relate to each other and share what has been of help to us.

  • Hi there I have beem on tramadol for 4 months and now oxycodone as you know they are both highly addictive pain killers and both have side effects.... I am out of answers so I am going to try cymbalta. Has your Dr spoken with you about this drug?

  • no he did not and i really think all theses medications have terrible side effects that just keeps making us more and more sick. our options are running out.

  • Hi. I've been all over the map with pain killers. Personally I'm pretty grateful for them as I have pain all month long, though of course worse with my period. In my opinion, if you aren't actively trying to get pregnant, there's no reason not to be on continuous birth control to prevent periods. If you're one who mostly has pain during that time of the month, this will significantly reduce your periods. A lot of women hate it, but depo provera helped me the most with pain and was easier for someone like me who doesn't want to have to remember to take a pill the same day each day. (Caution: can take 12-18 months after for full fertility to return so be careful if you think you'll want to get pregnant in the next year.) As for side effects, etc. of pain medicines, keep getting them to switch you and also realize that the bad side effects (especially sleepiness) go away after a few weeks and you should get some relief; if you aren't, you aren't on the right one or it's not the right dosage. Re: cymbalta, I just started taking 2 weeks ago and have seen some decline of my pain! Not as much the pelvic pain but the back pain. I'm only on 30 mg once a day but am hoping for more relief once my doctor okays the increase to 60 mgs--30 twice a day. I see a lot more pain now at night when the pill has worn off. Final thought about that drug, I waited months to ask for it because of all the negative reviews online but haven't had one bad side effect other than being slightly thirstier than usual and have seen all good things. Good luck to you and everyone else!

  • thank you so much but i do not think i want to use anything that will mess with me being able to make a child and for some reason i think i am giving up on all pain killers. at this moment i am too depressed to think of trying new medications.

  • hey alll talking of dry mouth...im on gabapentin for the past 4weeks and that gives you dry mouth....xxxxx

  • all these medications have some side effect or the other and i am tired of using one to ease what the other gave me.

  • Just as an FYI, the cymbalta also treats the depression that comes from being sick for so very long. I totally understand not wanting to deal with side effects though. Hopefully you eventually find what works for you!

  • i hope i do find something that will help and that would not put me in a position to use more pills to help with the side effects.

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