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Zoladex or natural remidies for end to get pregnant

Hi ladies,

So this is my story,

It's a lil long....

I was battling pelvic pains, some irregular bleeding as wellI as spotting before period and abnormal discharges a couple years. Been to lots of doctors.

I had an endometrioma on right ovary and normal cyst on left, then recently, I had endometrioma on left as well.

I had sonogram and it showed a polyp 1cm. The lining was 17mm thick but varied at times each month but was always abnormal thickness.

The pains was always kina different each month. Some months not much pain during period but some months lots of pain. Also pains during the month like stabbing, nerve pains,throbbing, burning, pms etc.

Finally went to doc who said do a laporoscopy to confirm endo. Also dnc for polyp.

Finally he said he confimed stage 3-4 endo.

He offered me zoladex or ivf as my main concern was to get pregnant and not so much pain control as I see lots of ladies using it for pain and not much pregnancy comments after zoladex use.

The lap n dnc was in begining feb 2014 and had one period since. It was extremely heavy like crazy heavy. Not much pain before but during period had lots of pain. But i heard it could be like that after dnc. I haven't gone back for the zoladex yet and I know I'm kina wasting time but I never wanted to put hormones into my body. Especially the side effects I'm afraid.I want to go natural. I read so many sites about natural products diet changes and herbs and successful testamonials. I read about fibrovera ahs, endovan, fibrovan, serrapeptase and nattakinase (fibrin eating enzymes). Macca, vitex, bee pollen, bee propolis, royal jelly, iodine, wobenzyme, women's best friend,etc. Www.naturalfertility.com endovan.com. I am currently using Women's best friend, queens delight ( that's bee propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly in one cap). Along with woenzyme this month. Last month after surgery I used one bottle of fibrovera ahs althought I know I needed to use more to see any effects but wanted to try the stuff from naturalfertility.com.

So far I'm ok but it can also be the effects of the surgery. I still have pains but not like before surgery.

My problem is should I still try zoladex or keep it natural??? I just want to get pregnant. Im 29 30 in may no kids yet married 4years, ttc 2yrs. I need to know if I'm making a mistake by not starting zoladex yet.

Oh one more thing, the doc said the dye spilled on both tubes during lap but he said it was kina swollen and looked sick and it may not function properly.

Thanks for any advice.

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I think I'd just give baby making a go. GnRH does nothing to improve your fertility levels, and delays trying - e.g. 6 month zoladex +4 months to disappear out the body (and that incudes an average of 5 months to restart ovulation, so you'd be looking at 10months out of action as far as baby making goes, that's then 10 possible months there might be some success. It stops you ovulating so you wouldn't be losing any eggs, but by the same token it can be very tough going on you physically and also with zero libido, a dried up vagina which would need lubrication and regular moisturising to keep from getting injured and sore when you do have sex, plus all that time using a barrier contraception like condoms...is that really worth it?

If you could get pregnant - that is going to have the same impact on the remining endo anyway, by shutting if down during the pregnancy without all the other zoladex side effects.

The zoladex doesn't kill the endo - just puts it in a coma for a while, so it really is just delaying everything (including hopefully the monthly pains) with no guarantee that it will suit you side effcts wise.

Surgeons do like to boast that the bst tim to try and conceive is within 6 months of having surgery and there is some truth in this boast - bacause hopefully you do get pregnant before adhesions which hve been cut back regrow again.

If you are ready to try for a baby now - then do that.

Zoladex will still be an option at a later date if you do want to try for up to 6 months of temporary menopause but it seems rather pointless to take it now unless for some reason you definitely didn't want to get pregnant asap.


Thanks a lot for your reply...the thing is the doc said two of his other patients were similar to me and they used the zoladex after lap and they had their babies....but did the zoladex really help or the surgery helped mostly?! So maybe I've waited too long...if it was going to help?!

I heard that zoladex does nothing for adhesions but they claim that it "whithers' the endo lesions and make them shrink?! If that's true then maybe it's worth a try although it grows back after, a swollen tube may function better after zoladex, but then as you said there's the time factor to get it out your system and I've read that some ppl waited long to start ovulation even a year!

There are lots of natural remidies for inflammation and breaking down fibrin from endo, however because the ovaries still produce estrogen as fast as natural remidies may work we still can't be sure what's going on in our bodies and we.can't use a pain measure because it's not directly related......it's soooo frustrating! I can't make up my mind....one week it's " ok I'm going to try zoladex and if it's horrible I'll stop it in 3 months", the other week I read all the bad side effects etc and I say to myself "I'm not doing this to my body!"

But the mystery remains lol..."what if it works what if it doesn't!?"


Hi, I'm 31 and am due to start zoladex treatment at the end of the month to try one last attempt at fixing me! I'm exactly the same one day I think right let just do this and get it over with and the next I'm terrified as the side effects seem horrendous! It's really difficult knowing if you're making the right choice


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