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mirena coil with endometriosis, does it work?

Hi everyone, i finally have a date for my lap to get cysts removed and treat endo. Its next month and it was suggested that i have the coil fitted at the same time to treat the endo...has ayone had any experience with this? does it work? Ive read alot about the coil and know that some people can bleed up to 6 months after having it fitted which puts me off it completely. Is it worth staying on the pill, taking it back to back (microgynon) after the lap to wait and see if that has any effect? Thanks for any help.x

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I guess it all comes down to the preference and what suits you as a individual as i personally am not very good with remembering to take the pill every day so the coil would suit me as once its in you dont need to take anything.

It is true that the coil can take some time to settle in and as a result can give you very irregular bleeding but after those 1st few months your periods should stop altogether which then also helps with any pain which your endometriosis maybe causing.




I had my first Mirena fitted in 2005 when I had my 1st lap. I bled heavily for about 5 months and had awful pain with it and I almost had it removed. But after that the bleeding stopped and I had a blessed 2 years period and pain free!!! I then started having breakthrough bleeding and some pain and eventually in 2009 had a 2nd lap and the Endometriosis was back (stage 3) but because I wasn't having proper full-on periods the pain was so much more manageable. I had another Mirena fitted during my second lap and it helped for a while, but then I had it removed to TTC and had my son and now things are a bit all over the place. But I have a 3rd Mirena now and must say that other than the first one, I have never had a problem with it. It hasn't kept the Endo at bay but because I don't have proper periods it has helped to reduce the level of pain for me.

I'd say it's best to discuss with your consultant how best to cope with any bleeding you may have following surgery and having a Mirena fitted if you choose to go down that route. Good luck!


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