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About a month post lap and feel abit lost


I had my lap a month ago, and a mirena fitted and started on the pill for stage 2 endometriosis.

since then I have been getting intense pain all the way down in my lower stomach and down there.... i find this can happen sometimes when I want to or during opening my bowels. Also this week the pain was so bad I was hospitalised. I also have a decreases appetite which is not normal for me to refuse food but I start to feel sick and get pains afterwards... This is all new...maybe it was there before the lap.

He said he will do a ct scan if the pain continues and wants to see me in a month. He is treating it as IBS so have just started taking colpermin.

just feel abit lost and wondering if it could be something else...any advice would be greatly appreciated. X

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Hmm doesn't sound much like IBS to me...and you wouldn't have posted here either if you thought is was IBS.

When you went back to hosp did they scan you with ultrsound?

Did they test your blood, wee and poo and swab you for signs of infections?

It might just be the mirena coil that has shifted - and that would show up on a scan.

If no scan was done - please get to your GP and explain what's happening and he/she will request a scan for you to check the mirena is where it is supposed to be still and check for any possible obvious causes of this weird post op pain.

The mirena can shift quite easily in the first few weeks until it has built up layers of goop to hold it more securely in place. That would be the first thing to be checked for.

But also a scan would look for any surgical items accidentally left behind inside - extremely rare but it does happen from time to time.

If you are feeling unwell with the pain then you do need checking for post op infections too.

If I were you, I'd get to your GP asap about this. It is normal to have post op pain when recovering from surgery, but not as you describe it as intense pain down there, and it isn't normal to be feeling sick and not wanting to eat for fear of being sick or in too much pain.

Waiting a month seems to see what happens seems a bit cruel.

If it is simply IBS then the Colpermin should give you pretty rapid relief from digestive pain in a matter of days. If it doesn't and no scan was done and you're not sure if anything was tested for infections then don't hesitate to contact your GP and discuss this.

Very best of luck


My blood was taken and urine was taken and nothing found. Today I actually felt alot better. Still getting some pain near my hips, like before i had surgery, but not staying for too long. Just feels like I am on my period....

I have this swelling on my left side starting at my hip area all the way down, my hip bones stick out but on the left side you cannot see this. This is where I get the most pain. Like a tugging pain... Again they did not seem to worried about this and said it could be glands?

maybe its my body getting used to the mirena??

thankyou for taking the time to respond, really appreciate it, hopefully there will be an answer soon!


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