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Absolute agony!

After a conversation with my mother, my chiropractor got wind that I was suffering with chronic pelvic pain and had suspected endo. (Diagnostic lap booked for April, ultrasounds have previously shown various cysts which have come and gone) She is very interested in pelvic pain after suffering for many years and eventually having a hysterectomy. So I very much trust her judgement. She invited me to see her to see if she could help elevate some of the constant pain I am in. We'll this didn't go too well really! She pressed down over my lower abdomen area which she commented was very tight probably because I've been crippled over in pain for so long. She moved to press on my left ovary which was very painful, but together with her I breathed through the pain, after a few minutes I realised that although she was touching my left side, the pain I was experiencing was coming from the right side! I told her this and she moved to press over my right ovary. It was then I experienced absolute white blinding scream out like you are being stabbed pain!! I nearly vomited! She was of course very apologetic but did go back again to see if I could "breath through" the pain which was just too intense for me to do so. She commented that I had a "very angry" right ovary! No shit!

This was yesterday evening an I've been in acute pain ever since, not sleeping well last night and being very teary and sobbing a lot! I've taken today off work (yet another day I'm off thanks to this chronic pain (now acute!)) I'm going to try and get an emergency gp appointment. But has anyone experienced anything similar?

Any advice would be very welcome!

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If the pain is still very intense I would go to A&E. You might have a ruptured cyst.

I was in myself last week with similarly agonising pain and had to be off work for a week. It seems it was not a ruptured cyst - still not convinced, pain was excruciating!

And I would be careful of chiropractors - I know you trust yours but you should be really seen by a medical specialist.


Hi Sarve,

I know you might trust your chiropractor but it does sound to me as though her 'treatment' was more for her own interest and 'experimentation' rather than helping you with an underpinning of years of experience in treating your type of condition.

Did you ask her beforehand what her experience and her success rate is in dealing with your condition?

As bio-s said, it does sound like it could be a ruptured ovarian cyst. Best to get this checked out at a&e if pain still really bad.

Hope you feel better soon. x


Thanks for your replies, I've just got back from the GPs who have packed me off and sent me on my way with the usual codeine and told me to go back tomorrow if the pain doesn't improve as it could be a twisted cyst...

Hey ho we'll see how it goes!

Thanks again xxx


An exploding cyst is sudden paralytic pain - you wouldn't be able to move for quite some time.

And then the pain usually calms down after several hours. What you describe the chiro doing was probably causing a cyst to burst.

However with a ruptured cyst - or leaking cyst - the pain is very strong and goes on and on and on, days weeks months. And having it drained and removed is the only real way to sort it out. See your GP asap and get referred to a gynae as a matter of reasonable urgency.

There is a problem with the exploded cysts is that they can refill up again - and quickly too. And give you a lengthy spell of pain. These angry cysts have to come out, at the very least you need a scan to check the debris field from the burst and monitor if the cyst is refilling up again.

Mine went from completely exploded to refilled 6cm in just over 2 months (at that growth rate it does explain why it hurt so much !!)

If the pain has not eased by this early evening then please go to A&E and get a scan on it (go before the scanningteam goes home ) and also super strong pain relief (usually in the thigh) so you can get a decent nights sleep.

If you wait to see your GP and a referal for a scan and gyna appointment it won't be for a fortnight may be longer.

Any time you get a sudden paralytic pain like that (way off the pain scale) the vast majority of the time a cyst has burst. It would have burst at some point anyway - just unfortunate the chiro speeded up the process, but could have been worse if you had been driving car for example.


Thank you impatient that is very useful. Whilst I was in the GPs I just thought to myself "why didn't I go to a&e?!"

If the pain has not subsided by early evening then I will have to go to a&e :-(

Thank you again for your support X


Hi sarve. I can't understand why your chiropractor was pushing down on your ovaries like that and making you breathe through the pain, her job is to treat backs, she's not a gynaecologist, she could have caused you severe damage, she certainly caused you more pain!!!

Don't go back and see her anymore.

Until you get your lap done, go see your GP and ask for some strong pain killers to help with the pain. 60 mg of codeine is what they recommend for this type of pain , which is equivalent to morphine which you will get at the hospital whilst in recovery from your lap. You don't have to put up with this pain. Also they recommend paracetamol and ibuprofen which is anti inflammatory.

Hope this helps.

Lisa xx


Hi Lisa,

That is exactly what they put me on, codeine & paracetamol together then ibruprophen in the middle. Didn't really help make much difference till Friday.

I'm really dissappointed with my chiro, who I have been seeing for the past 15years so had supposedly built up a good client/patient relationship. Needless to say I'm very upset with myself and with her.

I've been back and forth to the GP the rest of the week and have had to take Wednesday-Friday off work. My urine is showing infection and I get my bloods back on Monday and have an appointment to discuss.

Pretty fed up at this point!



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