Can endometriosis be diagnosed by a MRI scan or do I have to have the laparoscopy?

Hi, I have suffered pain and bloating in my pelvis (near my left ovary) for about 3 - 4 yrs. I was told by my doctor that it could be IBS, then adhesions on my left ovary, i was also checked for ovarian cancer and then after changing my doctor, they discovered fluid in my Fallopian tube coming from my left ovary via an ultrasound. I saw a gynaecologist a couple of weeks ago and was sent for an urgent MRI last week, the consultant stated that my CA125 was normal so they suspected that it was either a chronic infection or endometriosis. I have my appointment this Friday to find out what it is but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to go for a camera inserted too!!! I'm really fed up now as this week I have experienced horrendous pelvic pain with bleeding (large blood clots) and I feel so worn out!! So my question is do my symptoms sound like endometriosis and can it be diagnosed with a MRI???? Please help!!

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  • Oh Doris, this probably isn't what you want to hear, but the only way endometriosis can definitively be diagnosed is by laparoscopy. If you've already been diagnosed, an MRI can be helpful at seeing where the deposits are, but the scan cannot identify endometriosis diagnostically.

    It may well be that from your scan they guess that it is endo, but they need to see it with their own eyes to be 100% sure.

    Good luck

    C xxx

  • Aargh! Damn! Ha! Thanks anyway Chrissie66! I guessed this would be the case. I'm sure another few weeks won't hurt. I just need some clarity on what it is, I've been dealing with the symptoms for so long now. Thanks for your quick response! :-) x

  • You're welcome, I happened to be on here when it popped up :)

    I know what you mean, the whole surgery thing is rubbish, but if it's just diagnostic it's so quick and easy these days. Even if they have a little tidy up while they're in there you could be in and out within a day. And better to get the right treatment for the right condition than their best guess

    C xxx

  • Is a MRI more effective in diagnosis verses a laporoscopy

  • Hi Doris

    Again this may not be what you want to hear but after I was diagnosed with endo via a laparoscopy I later had an MRI scan which showed up an area of adenomyosis affecting my womb. There is no cure for adeno apart from a hysterectomy as this is when endo has infiltrated the actual wall of the womb. A number of endo ladies are diagnosed with both conditions.

    Good lcuk with your appointment on Friday and hope you get some answers soon.

    Caroline, x

  • a lap is supposed to be the best way but depends on if the dr performing it is a specialist in endo. an mri can be very useful to map things out before surgery as it will also show areas the eye cannot see. it may not show everything still as superficial endo would prob not be seen.

    i was told i had stage 4 endo following ultrasounds (i had a large endometrioma) only for my lap with general gynae to come back clear of anything!! an mri a couple of months later showed stage 4 endo, pcs, and adeno. this information was used to assist my second lap with an endo specialist and low and behold stage 4 i had

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