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Sick with brown bits!?

Sorry for TMI, I've been really sick over the last week or two, I think caused by Tramadol / codryrdamol I've been taking for my severe hip / lower back pain (I have endo and adeno and 2nd lap booked for 30th April). The last few times I've vomited it's been quite weird - dark brown flecks and very acidic. I called NHS direct today as can't get a docs appt until Friday and they said they had to rule out internal bleeding so to go to A&E which Im going to do tomorrow morning. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and what it could be / any advice? Thanks Kate x

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Sounds like normal liquid vomit to me - Stomach acid is full of residual small bits of food. Once you have vomited up the main bulk of a meal, the rest is fluid. IF you drink after vomiting and then sick that up -that's usually just the water coming up with the tiny remains of food from the lining of the stomach - ie the brown flecks - lots and lots of them.


Sounds normal to me. When I'm sick the same happens I've never done anything about it because I'm sure it's just the stumach acid causing it all along with what food is left


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