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If the mini pill (cerelle) doesn't suppress your cycle and stop ovulation, can it be any treatment at all for endometriosis?

I had to come off the combined pill as a precaution after experiencing a visual disturbance (no headache) - I had been on microgynon for 10 years after surgery for an endometriotic cyst. I had no problems at all for 10 years on this pill and I took very few breaks.

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I used this pill (75 micrograms Desogestrel) but it indeed did not stop the cycle immediately, that can take a very long time (6-12 months I was told back then). I don't want to suggest it is a safe or good idea for everyone, but at the time my rather creative GP told me to take 2 pills per day, and that worked pretty well. But just about that time it became widely publicized that "3rd generation" progestins like Desogestrel caused more blood clots than older progestins, and that progestin-only contraceptives caused bone thinning, so I quit them.


Thank you so much Daisy for your reply :) - I will persevere taking it for a bit longer, I am just finishing my 2nd packet. It is just sooooo frustrating! I was on microgynon for 10 years (no pain or anything and it seemed like the endo had cleared) - yet problems immediately returned when coming off it. Have a good day and thanks :) xx


Hi I started Cerelle in October straight from microgynon. I had to come off combined pill due to blood clot scare, my age and blood pressure. I had tried everything to stop painfu.l and heavy periods and did not want to try a mini pill.However my Gp was persusive and it has worked out well.

No period or bleeding or pain or spotting or sore boobs since I changed on to Cerelle. I get acne on my back but I can live with that. It hasbeen a complete change for my life. Must be taken same time every day or else bleding starts.

hope this helps. I am 44 and sufered over 4 years since my son was born.


Thank you Greenginger, That is a great help - I will defo persevere with this pill. So glad you feeling so much better on it :) xx



I was just wondering how you are getting on with cerelle. It's just in in the same position as you but nun doctor seems adamant I continue with it and am due to start my 6th pack today. It's only just stopped my bleeding and as for ovulation I'm not 100% sure as I've been in a lot in pain this month and it definatley feels like ovulation pain. Confusing??? I don't want to go back to doctors as i know all she will say is stick at it :-( but I'm sure the pain I've been getting is ovulation pain. I just wondered if things had started to work for you? Nikki x x


Hi Nikki, I am so sorry for the slow reply, I have only just seen this!!! I am now (as of last week) off cerelle, as I kept getting bleeding and stomach cramps! I am back on combined pill now, fingers crossed! Hope you are feeling better! xxx


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