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Need support as feeling deflated, TTC, Fertility clinic appointments

I am feeling low at the moment as have been ttc for 1 year now, I have endo with scars and adhesions. I have my first nurse appointment this Wed with my husband. He has had 2 semen analysis all ready and came back with low mobility. I also didnt do very well on my 2 blood tests which were not in the right ranges, I think this is to do with ovulation. I guess they will explain this a bit more on Wednesday?? I have periods between 28 and 31 days usually, I am on day 34 but am not pregnant as have done a pregnancy test. Does this mean I am not ovulating correctly as I am never late!! But I cant be pregnant as I did a test last night.

I find it difficult to talk to my husband as he gets really down about it sometimes, I feel sad aswell as my friend is 6 months pregnant and I am so genuinely pleased for her but it is a gutting feeling that I am not, I know this is stupid as babys come when they are ready, just feel down about it all now.. would love to hear other peoples views on this.

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Bless you. I am so sorry to hear about what you and your Husband are going through at the moment. Can't give you any personal experience of fertility issues but I can tell you that I think it is maybe a little too early to get a positive pregnancy test result as the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) pregnancy hormone reading might not be high enough yet to give one. I once did an early test that came back negative and a week later was a positive. I really hope that this is the case with you. If you normally come on within that window and haven't this time there must be some reason for it. All you can do really is sit it out for a few more days and see if your period comes or maybe ask the nurse if they can do a urine pregnancy test for you when you go on Wednesday; it might pick up the hormone earlier than a shop bought pregnancy test. Good luck! XXXXX


Thank you for your reply. :) I think I will tell the nurse on Wednesday if I still havent and she may be able to tell me why.

Thank you xxx


Hi im going through the same thing my husband has done his part of the fertility and he has low count I have had my two blood test n im not ovulating properly I find it so hard I cant talk to the hubby as he gets very low about the whole thing n I am trying to be positive for both of us but then I get the news my hubbys sister is pregnant and she has been struggling for two years its salt in the wounds im over the moon but at the same time like y not me if u want to pm please do I know what your going through take care chin up hun x


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