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Apprentice on a very low wage and need time off work! Im not entitled to sick pay and have had 2 ops in last 8 weeks! What can I do?

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 16 years old and I'm now 18. In July last year I took up an apprenticeship in healthcare and I love my job and dont kind the £3.00 an hour wage! Unfortunately in November I became ill due to Endo and needed further laparoscopy to see what was going on. I got an infection and had 3 weeks off work UNPAID! In December I was told I needed further surgery due to abnormal results on previous biopsies taken. Since then I have become increasingly unwell and in and out of hospital, needing time off work and eventually being signed off. I've now had my surgery and will need a further 4 weeks off work for recovery. My workplace haven't been very helpful with my situation and apart from being scared that they will fire me, I also can't afford to have the time away from work as I live independently with my partner who also works. Although his wage is good, its struggling to cover our costs and im worried we may lose our home. Is there anything I can do to or any advice people can give me in my situation. I've had to use all my annual leave so I get some kind of wage and now I have none left I am penniless. I feel awful, my life is a struggle from day to day with this condition and now im stuck in this stressful predicament. I panic every night and cant sleep with worry. Any help would be appreciated, im sure someone knows more than me on what im entitled to. I can't afford to give up work and go on benefits and im sure that would do me no good l. Also a new job wouldn't help at the moment as I may need further treatment soon so I couldn't start work and have more time off! I feelstuck! !!

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Hi gemnicoler, have a look at the reply Scooteeder gave to a similar question.

I work in healthcare too and have similar problems, low pay and not paid when I'm off.

I've been trying to get some info from CAB but haven't had much luck, or indeed the energy to keep following through!

Good luck!!!!!! x


Hi sk291. I agree CAB are pretty useless unless you have plenty of time and energy! Problem is everything happens so quickly and in too ill to do much. Hope you get your answers soon! Also I can't find the post your are referring too. Not very good with technology !! Good luck xx


Hi again, technology? Me neither but if you go to the home page and put Scooteeder into it you should be able to bring up her posts. It's very long and detailed but maybe some help. Good luck x


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Hi there

Sorry to hear this. I really feel for you. I have severe endometriosis but I also work in human resources so your story caught my eye. You may well not earn enough to get SSP paid from your employer as you have to be earning enough to pay NI. However, if they cannot pay you SSP then they need to give you a SSP1 form explaining why - you can then use this to claim from

the state. Trouble is you can't do this retrospectively for any time you have had in the past and you can't claim it for single days- it has to be a period of sickness for you to benefit from it. If there are any other complicating factors that you need to talk about, feel free to message me directly and I'll help if I can.


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