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I have my pre op appointment Thursday for a hysterectomy but got no date for surgery has anyone had this & how long after pre op is surgery?

Just wondering if pre op can be done weeks in advance as cons told me it was a 3-4 month waiting list. If this is the case surely it won't be relevant by the time I come to have the surgery. ( feeling hopeful it won't be that long)

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Pre op assessments need to be done as close as possible to surgery. When I worked in the NHS pre op assessments were carried out within six weeks of the date of surgery.

Any later than blood tests

may need to be repeated and ECG's carried out again.

Phone the consultants secretary and ask if a date has been scheduled.

Best of luck.

Barbara x

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I was informed the other day that pre-ops last a year! I had a pre-op about 6 weeks before my operation last year and apparently I prob won't have another pre-op before my next op In April as theast one is within 12 months. Once you've had your pre-op though you can start chasing for your op date. That's what I did.x


I had my pre opening last Tuesday and have also been told I have to wait for 4 months for a full hysterectomy!


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