Hi , I can't believe I have found this group , my name is chelle and I was diagnosed 15 years ago with endometriosis

I had a full hysterectomy 6 years ago and I'm still suffering , I'm in so much pain I have been told I have a cyst but they won't remove it as they don't want to cause more scar tissue , I'm now on strong morphine based medication every day just to control the pain and I don't know what to do next , I hope that talking to other people it might give me some hope , sorry for the long post

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Hi chelle I just want to say I am sorry that you are still in pain. I do pray that the doctors find a solution to at least ease your discomfort. Don't give up hope. A lot of ladies here have an idea of what you are going through and i personally know that constant pain is unbearable and you feel hopeless when you don't know when it will end. I pray that you get some form of treatment and that you would not have to suffer like this much longer.

Thank you for replying to me , it does feel like sometimes your on your own , but reading posts on here I can clearly see I'm not it's such a problem and it's horrible to think that so many women are going through this , it's so unfair xxxx

Where is your cyst if you had a full hysterectomy? That's terrible!

I have a 4cm cyst on the left hand side in my lower abdomen , I'm at my wits end , I'm going back to the go on Wednesday x

Good luck to you!

Thank you x

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