Help! Please advise I have Just been diagnosed with endo, will this effect my fertility?

I have just been diagnosed with wide spread endo, i have had as much removed as possible but i am worried about my chances of bcoming pregnant. Do i need to try to get pregnant as me and my partner are worried that if we wait too long we may miss the chance?? can anybody give me some advice as i dont really understand endo at the minute?

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  • Hello. Everyone has different experiences with endometriosis. I was told that becoming pregnant and then breast-feeding would be the best treatment for my endometriosis, but I'm not really in a situation where that is possible at the moment. I think the fertility implications all depend on where abouts the endometriosis is. Did your consultant say it might be difficult for you to conceive? Is that why you're worried?

  • Hi. Yes she said that it could cause complications as it is widespread. She said my overies look relativly healthy. I just feel more confused about it now then before. Thankyou for answering my question it just comforts me to here what others have to say. Thanks x

  • I have been ill for several years now, but was only diagnosed last year. I think I have always had it, it had just got worse. I have a 10 year old and a 3 year old, I was in early 30's with second. I am telling you this coz there is hope and many people can still go on to have children, so don't panic xx

  • thanks for this i feel comforted after reading through different answers, i think i just had an innicial panic about it. thanks for your reply it really helps!! x

  • I am right there with you. Got diagnosed on monday and I have very little information about what they found so I am not sure how it will effect my fertility. If I didn;t have endo then I would probably want to wait for longer but I feel I have to rush my decision to have children. My partner does not earn much at all and I don't want to have a baby then go straight back to work... I want to have quality time with any child I have.... I hope that further consultations will at least give me an idea of how urgent this decision is.

    All I know is that I am stage 1.....

    To put your situation in perspective my friend has all sorts of health issues including endometriosis and pelvic infections and she has still managed to have 2 accidental pregnancies! one of which she is just looking after now (newborn).

    my mum had endo and she had three children in total.

    I try to keep reminding myself of this xx

  • Thank you for your message it is hard to know what to do, as everyone seems to be so different when it comes down to the fertility. thanks for sharing with me you and your friends situations it all helps get a better understanding of what your dealing with. xx

  • hi i have the same worry been trying to concieve for a year since i found out in had endo and had it removed,in my opinion you should try dont leave it or wait as it can return which mine has :( remember you only live once time is precious good luck'

  • Thank you for your message, it is so hard to now what to do for the best. I wish you all the best, never give up hope. things often happen when you least expect it. xx

  • Hi. I fully understand your worries. I had a lap last June and was finally diagnosed with endo. We had been trying to get pregnant before I got very ill and operated on, and then got the news that it would be difficult to get pregnant. I was devastated. I had the endo removed, but pretty sure it was back within a month.

    Well here we are in January, and I'm now almost 4 months pregnant! :-)

    It will of course vary with every case, but speak with your docs, and I hope it works out for you.

  • Thats great news, its so hard to now what to do as everybody is different. thanks for your message it fills me with hope! all the best! :) x

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