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More time off work ... What to do?

Hello everyone

To cut a long story short I'm waiting for my second lap and hysteroscopy, hopeful due on the next couple of weeks. Was diagnosed with endo back in May last year. I've recently cut wheat from my diet and what a difference it's made... Until recently. My last period was almost painless to my absolute joy, however the pain now seems to have come back with a vengeance. I'm on my third day off work (I usually have to have 1-3 days each month) and it's not giving me a break. I'm really worried about my job, I'm on the cuff for a promotion and don't want to ruin my chances, I'm worried there going to get sick of me being ill and call me in. Any advice please? I'm dreading going back and having to explain. Thanks

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Could you take the pill or have the depo injection, just for a while until your lap? You can take 3 months of the combined pill back to back, or have the Depo every 10 weeks rather than every 12.

I would make it clear to your employer that you are waiting for an operation but are currently doing other things to help yourself, and that you have a "plan" regarding ling term management of your condition. Is there any work that you could do from home in the future?x


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